An Apartment State Of Mind
The Easiest Indoor Plants to Keep Alive

Indoor plants have made a comeback thanks to Instagram. And for good reason. Not only are they lovely to look at and can easily brighten up any room, they provide added oxygen and moisture to the air. They can even act as humidifiers if you have enough of them. In fact Korean beauty has been touted […]

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Smart Home Devices for Apartment Living

It’s 2019 and we live in a world of smart devices. Whether it’s your phone, your car or your TV, we’re surrounded by them and probably don’t even realize it! If you’re a tech geek and are looking to make your apartment “smarter”, there are ways to do so without having to install products as […]

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes 

Although we all love sinful delicious breakfasts from time to time, day to day it’s best to stick with something healthy. And now that it’s the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to try some new healthy recipes. Let’s check out some yummy wholesome brekky ideas below. 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Bites – […]

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New Year, New Streaming Movies in January 2019

Perhaps you’re writing out your goals, starting a healthy new diet or working out on a more regular basis now that it’s 2019. But let’s get real. One of the most important tasks of the new year is getting up to date with all the new streaming movies available! Yes, this is a high priority […]

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Apps for Goal Setting in 2019

The new year means you’re probably pumped to accomplish some goals. Maybe they’re new goals or perhaps they’re goals you just never seem to get to. If you easily forget your goals by mid January, you’re probably in need of something to remind you and help you keep track. Some folks still love to write […]

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Winter Workout Ideas

With all the goodies to be eaten this season, you’ll definitely want to get your fitness on. But what if you love working out outdoors? If you live in an area that gets super cold (which is probably most of you!), have no fear. There are still plenty of options to work out indoors. Here are […]

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