An Apartment State Of Mind
2019 Veterans Day Discounts

Veterans Day honors those that have served our country, whether they are currently in active duty or after it has ended. This holiday is observed on November 11th every year and to pay tribute to our US veterans, many companies offer discounts on this special day. According to the US Office of Veteran Affairs, here […]

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Pets And Holiday Travel

Whether you’re bringing your pet with you this holiday season or leaving your pet at home, no doubt you’ll need to figure out accommodations for your pet sooner rather than later. Holiday travel in itself can be stressful, but add dealing with pet issues on top of it? No thank you. But not to worry! […]

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Apartment Living: Upstairs vs Downstairs

If you’re going to lease an apartment, which do you prefer, upstairs or downstairs? There really isn’t a correct answer, it all depends on your preferences! Both have pros and cons, let’s check them out: Noise from Upstairs Neighbors – The number one pro of living upstairs is that you never have to worry about […]

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Fall Back: The Daylight Savings Times Checklist

It doesn’t truly feel like fall until the time change. When it starts to get dark out way too early, right? It signifies not just earlier nights, but also colder weather and settling in for the autumn & winter seasons. Not only should you remember to change the clock, but here are some other tips […]

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Trick or Treating at Your Apartment Community

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you should have to drive to another part of town for your kids to go trick or treating. While it depends on what community you live in, trick or treating can be just as fun apartment style. If you have kids and want to ensure they […]

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Relaxing Ways to De-Stress in Your Apartment

While summer is all about getting out there and having fun, when the chilly weather rolls around it just feels better to get cozy inside. If you’re finding yourself stressed with work, the time change, or just an overall busy lifestyle, here are some simple ways to de-stress and relax right in your apartment home. […]

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