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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Fairfield
We believe that individual differences drive innovation and create value for our associates, residents, investors, and the communities in which we all live and work.
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Our DEIB Values

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Understanding individual differences, raising awareness of bias, and guiding and engaging in practices that foster mutual respect.

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Making efforts to connect with the feelings and emotions of others and responding with kindness, curiosity, and grace.

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Acting with an eye to fairness and recognizing that we do not all start from the same place; acknowledging this and making adjustments to correct imbalances.

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Growth Mindset

Committing to learning and improving (over knowing and proving).

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Fostering belonging by behaving in ways which encourage those around us to feel respected and valued for their unique qualities (i.e., using inclusive language and encouraging judgement-free dialogue).

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Mutual Respect

Recognizing differences, understanding their significance, and responding with interest, politeness, and care.

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Creating a sense of community through diversity, equity, and inclusion so that Better Living can be created for everyone.


DEIB is an ongoing journey that includes honoring and embracing our differences. Through a robust events and communications program, we bring celebrations and occasions that embody the spirit of DEIB to the forefront of our culture.

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While we've made strides in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, there is always room for more. We are on a continuous journey with a number of goals. Among them are the following, which were set as the result of a company-wide Inclusion Assessment:


Create a DEIB executive vision:

We will expand and strengthen our DEIB committee, share regular assessment results, and develop a comprehensive plan supported by leadership.


Equalize experiences and encourage collaboration:

We will encourage cross-departmental collaboration and growth opportunities to expose talent to a range of backgrounds, business functions and leadership styles.


Create an inclusive leadership talent pipeline:

We will train and coach potential leaders from across the organization to build an inclusive pipeline of leadership that reflects the diversity of our talent.

DEIB Initiatives


Fairfield is on a journey to foster a culture of belonging where we interact with mutual respect and empathy. Using inclusive language and seeking judgment-free dialogue, associates are encouraged to make efforts to connect with the feelings and emotions of others while responding with kindness, curiosity, and grace. We use data to set benchmarks and use wide-reaching customer touch points to communicate clearly with all stakeholders throughout our journey to focus and deepen our DEIB efforts.
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Human Resources

Our Human Resources team is continually evaluating our resources and benefits to best serve our associates' needs. We strive to offer benefits that can reduce barriers to access and foster greater equity for associates, including our Employee Assistance Program, Personal Observance Day, and more.
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We are committed to sharing knowledge and resources on DEIB and ensuring a relevant and fresh perspective. Our Training & Development team continually offers on-demand, virtual and in-person training programs in support of DEIB topics. New initiatives undergo careful analysis for relevance and impact as we thoughtfully progress our DEIB efforts. We are always seeking ways to partner with outside expertise, historians, and cultural experts to offer educational opportunities to our associates. Additionally, our DEIB committee regularly provides direction to reading materials, seminars and more.
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