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Environmental, Social, and Governance at Fairfield.

We recognize that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors impact the quality of life within our communities and the engagement of our associates. Fairfield believes the consideration and integration of material, prudent ESG factors across our business platforms should reduce risk and enhance value. These practices impact all aspects of our operations, including but not limited to due diligence, development, construction, acquisitions, and management of our communities. We regularly evolve these practices under the guidance of our ESG Committee and ESG Executive Committee, as we recognize that ESG is a journey with new best practices and innovations frequently emerging. 

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Solar Panels at The Braydon Apartments in Napa, CA

Creating Better Living for Better Lives


We deliver meaningful environmental and social benefits rooted in our core values.


We envision engaged and inclusive communities that enhance the well-being of people and the environment.


Two of our core social initiatives are Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and our year-long Creating Kindness campaign that encourages associates to volunteer in their community through paid volunteer time off.
ESG Publications
2022 Annual Report
2022 Annual Report
Guiding Principles in ESG
Guiding Principles in ESG

Annual Reports and Guiding Principles

Environmental Stewardship

Fairfield is committed to reducing our environmental impact and providing resilient communities for our residents. As a steward of capital, Fairfield manages investment strategies and strives to incorporate ESG considerations consistent with our investment objectives and guidelines. ESG information is monitored and tracked to ensure that Fairfield and our associates are responsible stewards of the environment. At our communities nationwide, we are committed to providing residents with environmentally conscious opportunities through our Living Green program.

Fenwick Apartments in Silver Spring Maryland is LEED Gold certified

Environmental Action

Fairfield strives to consider the environmental actions listed below across our platform

Identify Icon


potential environmental and climate risks through evaluation every three years

Reduce Icon


operational energy consumption

Utilize Icon


our utility scorecard to maximize financial and environmental efficiencies

Endeavor Icon


to exceed applicable environmental statutes and regulations

Upgrade Icon


communities to prioritize renewable energy like ENERGY STAR® appliances and LED lighting

Improve Icon


communities with meaningful enhancements that promote reduce, reuse and recycle principles

Implement Icon


water conservation measures indoors and out, including low-flow fixtures and irrigation systems

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sustainable procurement, recycling, and waste reduction processes

Achieve Icon


property-level sustainability certifications

Provide Icon


recycling services where possible and offer comprehensive compost, recycling and e-waste services, as appropriate

Our Certifications

Leed Silver
Leed Gold
Cal Green
Green Globes
energy star
*Current data as of December 31, 2023. For LEED building operations and maintenance, certifications are issued on a rolling basis and are valid for three years. Communities must recertify to maintain certification standing. For LEED building design and construction certifications are issued at the time of building development or major renovation and last in perpetuity. Communities must pay registration and review fees to pursue LEED certifications. For a full list of Fairfield communities with LEED or other green building certifications, send your inquiry to: [email protected] For ENERGY STAR, certifications are issued on a rolling basis and are valid for one year. Communities must re-certify to maintain certification standing. Communities must pay certification fees to pursue an ENERGY STAR certification.

Socially Responsible Communities & Workplaces

Fairfield is committed to providing quality environments and creating healthy, accessible, and equitable communities. Within our communities, we strive to foster connections and provide residents with a positive living experience. We believe housing should be available for all income levels, and affordable housing is a core component of our business. Since 1986, Fairfield has owned and operated rent-restricted affordable housing, including Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties.

Creating Opportunity

Fairfield’s Focus on Socially Responsible Communities

Governmental Transparency & Corporate Responsibility

Our core values lead us to act in our clients’ best interests and follow a high standard of care in managing investments. Fairfield expects all associates and partners to support our ESG policies and our commitment to business integrity and ethical business conduct. Our compliance department reviews all applicable company activities to ensure that we maintain our longstanding reputation for excellence and integrity. As an organization, the spirit and success of Fairfield come from the engagement and participation of each and every associate.
  • In-house compliance team reviews applicable company activities and proactively ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Associates receive training and awareness programs on cybersecurity, anti-bribery and corruption, affordable housing compliance, and more
Risk Management
  • Continually assess the risks inherent to our operations, develop strategies to avoid these risks, and establish protocols and policies to control, manage, mitigate, and reduce risks that cannot be completely avoided
  • Maintain a comprehensive insurance program
  • Conduct regular community-level and financial audits
Ethics and Engagement
  • Provide channels for ethics issues reporting, including HR reporting and ethics hotlines
  • Provide transparent stakeholder communications: 
    •     Newsletters for internal stakeholders 
    •     Annual ESG reports 
    •     Social media 
  • Report annual GRESB Assessments to benchmark appropriate funds
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