An Apartment State Of Mind
6 Reasons Fall Is The Best Time To Move

Go ahead, fall in love with that new apartment. Fall is the best time to move and we’re sharing the top six reasons why. Fairfield has communities across the United States, which makes it easy to find the perfect home no matter where you’re looking to live. Search by city or explore our map to […]

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Communal Grill at Your Apartment Community

Labor Day may not necessarily be the last day of grilling season, but it’s definitely one of the most popular. Living in an apartment community doesn’t mean you have to miss out, either. Head to the communal grills armed with all your fixings and these simple etiquette tips to use your apartment community’s communal grill […]

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Cultivating Careers in Construction & Construction Management at Fairfield

With the need for housing not meeting the demand, multifamily housing construction is more necessary now than ever. Many regions across the U.S. are pushing for high-density development. Older properties are ready for renovation updates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that employment of construction managers is projected to grow eight percent between 2019 and […]

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5 Brand New Apartment Communities By Fairfield Are Now Open!

We know there’s something special about being the first person to live in a brand new apartment. Fairfield Residential has plenty of new apartment communities in the pipeline and we’re quickly expanding! We’ve developed and built more than 116,000 apartment homes and condominiums across the United States during the last 35 years — and we’re […]

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How to Use an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a great way to add a pop of color to a room without having to paint every single wall. Imagine the possibilities: a custom wall as a backdrop to your perfectly paired sofa, complete with stylish cushions and modern artwork that will make your space look like it came straight out of […]

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7 Ways To Add Color To Your Apartment

It’s no wonder that many people are afraid of straying from neutrals; there’s certainly an art to adding color to your space. Add too much and you’ll create an eye sore. Don’t add any and your space might be devoid of interest. Thankfully, Fairfield has incredible resources like Regional Interior Design Manager Emily Herrera! Below […]

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