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Super Bowl Sunday 2021!

Tom Brady is going back to the Super Bowl and Kansas City is making another appearance! Although the Super Bowl this year is sure to be an exciting game, due to Covid this year things will be a little different. How will the Super Bowl be different in 2021? While the Super Bowl is still […]

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Supporting Small Businesses

Many small businesses have been hit hard in 2020 because of Covid. With so many struggling it’s essential to shop locally or find small businesses online to support instead of or in addition to big retailers! Here are some ways to find and shop small businesses. Use Instagram – Instagram is a great way to […]

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Healthy Hacks & Snacks to Make at Home

Eating healthy can be tough! While most of have the best intentions, in reality it can seem overwhelming trying to find the time to make healthy food with our busy schedules. Luckily there are some healthy eating hacks to add into your routine and make a habit in 2021. Let’s check them out! Keep Junk […]

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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Make your desk officially clean! January 11, 2021 was National Clean Off Your Desk Day. If you typically tend to use your desk as well, a place to just put things, or are overwhelmed by papers, then here’s your chance to organize your desk. No excuses! Yes, much like closets, junk drawers, and garages, for […]

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National Hot Tea Day

Are you a tea lover? Then you’ll want to celebrate National Hot Tea Day on January 12th this year with a nice cup of your favorite tea. This treasured hot drink has been a tradition for many years throughout many different cultures. The history of hot tea originally stems from China as a medicinal drink […]

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How to Make a 2021 Vision Board

If there was a year to do a vision board, it’s 2021! With 2020 behind us, it’s time to move forward to brighter days ahead. One way of doing that is to dream big with a vision board. Here’s your chance to start your year off right! New Year’s Resolutions – What are your resolutions […]

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