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New Decade, New You – Tips for 2020

It’s hard to believe we’re ending an entire decade with the start of 2020. Every new years there’s a feeling that each of us get to start over with new goals or intentions we’d like to achieve. Starting over with an entirely new decade can be looked at as an even bigger opportunity. Here are […]

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2010s: The Highlights of the Decade

Ahh, the 2010s. It’s been a rollercoaster of a decade and one that will truly never be forgotten. It may be difficult to wrap your head around everything that’s happened in this last decade and how much the world has changed from just 10 years ago! But here are some of the highlights that have […]

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The Best End of the Year Sales For Your Apartment

After Black Friday and the holidays the last thing you may feel like doing is spending even more money. However, there are always amazing sales to be had at the end of the year and even right after New Years. If you you’re craving some new decor or appliances for your apartment, check out these […]

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3 Essential Topics to Discuss When Splitting Costs with a Roommate

Presented by Comcast According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2015, about 25% of Americans between the ages of 18-34 lived with roommates. Some people choose to do so because they like having company around, while others do because of their financial situation. For instance, many young adults live with roommates due to expensive student […]

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6 Energy-Saving Tips for Tenants

Renting can save people a lot of money, which is why so many people prefer it to paying a mortgage. Whenever something breaks, you can get it fixed for free. Apartment communities often offer amenities like gyms and car washing stations for free as well, which would otherwise cost you more money each month. While […]

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How to Make Your Own Ugly Sweater

In the past decade the ugly holiday sweater has become iconic. Chances are you’ll be invited to at least one ugly sweater party this season, which means you need to figure out what to wear! Now that ugly sweaters have become so popular, you can literally go to Target and buy one, but if you’re […]

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