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5 Things to Know About The Atlanta BeltLine

December 6, 2022

Concepted back in 1999, the Atlanta BeltLine is well underway. The 22-mile loop encircles downtown Atlanta and is designed to connect more than 45 neighborhoods, enhance mobility, foster culture, and improve equitable access to economic opportunity through improved transportation, added green space, and a showcase of arts and culture. There's a lot to soak up about the BeltLine... it's one of the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs in the United States! We've broken down the top 5 things to know about the Atlanta BeltLine as it approaches its completion goal in 2030.

5 Things to Know About The Atlanta BeltLine

33 Miles of Trails Were Designed with Multiple Modes of Transportation in Mind

Whether you walk, bike, skate or scoot, there's really no wrong way to get around on the BeltLine's 33 miles of paved trails. Six major paved trails, their connector trails, and the unpaved supplemental trails serve as a precursor to planned transit and are already showing the demand for connectivity and mobility around the city — more than 2 million people visited the BeltLine trails in 2018. Use the trails to get from one place to another or as an activity in themselves.

Housing Developments are Central to the Plan

Not only is the BeltLine meant to connect communities to one another, it's creating new ones too. With it's mission being to provide equitable, inclusive, and sustainable city living, a core part of the BeltLine includes the development and preservation of affordable housing in Atlanta. More than 5,600 affordable housing units to be specific. Fairfield is proud to be involved with our new community Verge Apartments, which offers both market units and an affordable housing program at its studio, 1, and 2 bedroom apartments on the Southside Trail.

It Adds 1,300 Acres of New Greenspace

Environmental impact was a huge factor in the concept and design of the BeltLine. The plan adds more than 1,300 acres of new greenspace for public enjoyment and aims to clean up 1,100 acres of land that has been contaminated with remnants of the previous railroad. There are a number of dedicated parks, a skatepark, and even a privately operated urban farm that sells its produce locally.

It has Atlanta's Largest Free Fitness Program

The BeltLine offers a spectrum of activities including everything from traditional classes like yoga, aerobics, HIIT workouts, bootcamps, Zumba, and barre to pickup soccer and a monthly run club. There is also a health and wellness component that features nutrition workshops, how-to skate and bike classes, and educational walking and biking tours. Visit the calendar to see all the events for the month.

It Offers 12 Miles of Murals & Art

Sub-branded "Art on the BeltLine," this linear gallery represents artists from across Atlanta, the U.S., and the world and in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, murals, dance, music, theater, photography, fashion, film, and much more. All of the exhibitions and programming in Art on the BeltLine are open to the public free of charge in an effort to make art accessible to every community around the Atlanta BeltLine.

Bonus: The Fundamentals of the BeltLine Explained


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