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There is nothing quite like the cityscape of Seattle. The Seattle Metro area is a truly stunning mix of high-rise buildings, shimmering expanses of water and mountainous ranges. Lush greenery and waterways resonate a peaceful touch to city life and despite common misconceptions, hiding under umbrellas every day won't be necessary.

As a seaport city, Seattle is a major gateway for international trade. Seattle owes its economic success to cargo trade shipping but big businesses in IT have brought a new age and dominate the commercial landscape. Many world leading companies are based here including Amazon, Nordstrom, and Starbucks which have all helped Seattle embrace new technologies.

Lying 25 miles north of central Seattle is Everett. Everett has an extensive public marina and is also home to an industrial port. The Port of Everett hosts international shipping which brings trade, commerce, and jobs to the city. In contrast to the port, downtown is abundant in high rise buildings while the historic district offers a third alternative making Everett's choice of neighborhoods able to suit any personality.

The Renton area is a short distance from Seattle and is sat on the edge of Lake Washington. Manufacturing and technology have a stronger voice in Renton and it is known for being the assembly point for Boeing 747 airplanes with other Boeing offices in Everett.

Life in Federal Way provides a coastal living option within the Seattle Metro area. Much land in the area was once owned by Weyerhaeuser, a softwood timber company, though this has now been returned to the public in the form of beautiful botanical gardens. Many say that living in Seattle is a window to a laid-back lifestyle where rushing around can become a thing of the past. The Seattle vibe is calm and uncomplaining with job opportunities never too far away and weekends filled with outdoor enjoyment.

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