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The Houston Metro area is best known for its reputation in the industrial business world. As an international powerhouse in the energy industry; oil, natural gas, biomedical research and aeronautics businesses have drawn in an enthusiastic workforce from far and wide. Career-focused individuals will have a great work-life balance with less in car time than other Metro areas as whether living in Houston centrally or in one of the outskirts living locations, commute times are within half an hour. Stafford has a notably convenient commute time and has become a popular choice.

Downtime in Houston is a cultural recipe of institutions, exhibits, museums and performing arts. Budding thespians will be spirited away by the visual and performing arts scene in the Theatre District which offers year-round entertainment. More inquisitive types will be thrilled by the vast selection of arts and science museums. As a keen sports city, Houston hosts sports teams in most major professional leagues, so cheering for local teams is a regular outing for residents. Lastly, not forgetting that we are in Texas after all, Houston is home to the largest Livestock Show and Rodeo in the world which is held annually. It is safe to say that Houston offers a whirlwind of activities that keep its residents happily entertained.

Families enjoy the Houston Metro area for its wealth of family-friendly attractions such as the NASA Johnson Space Center, The Children's Museum, and Houston Zoo to name a few. Easily accessible shopping districts and large open green spaces also benefit those who want to provide their family with a choice of activities for the weekends. Families and all working people in the Houston Metro area will be thrilled to find that their paycheck goes further, affordable housing is available and the cost of living is generally lower than other states.

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