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The Benefits of a Smoke Free Community

The Benefits of a Smoke Free Community

Fairfield Residential recently implemented the Share the Air Program in 2019. The program has helped transition every Fairfield property to be 100% smoke free. There are so many reasons for doing this. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of living in a smoke free community.

  • Eliminate Second-Hand Smoke – Did you know that 65% of the air in an apartment building is shared? So if a neighbor smokes there’s a good chance you’ll be breathing in their second-hand smoke. A smoke free community eliminates this issue.
  • Safer Environment for Families and Children – Even if you’re a parent and you don’t smoke, unfortunately you may not have control over smoking in other areas besides your home. When a community is 100% smoke free, rest assured your children and family aren’t breathing in toxins from tobacco, cigarettes or e-cigarettes.
  • Less Chance of Fires – Being careless with cigarettes has been one of the main causes of fires. By eliminating smoking completely, this will drastically reduce the chance of an accidental fire.
  • Eliminate the Smell of Cigarettes – Chances are that unless you smoke, you probably can’t stand the smell of cigarettes. Luckily when you live in a smoke free environment you don’t have take in the stench of cigarettes within the property.
  • Cleaner Apartments and Amenities – Let’s face it, the smell of smoking doesn’t easily go away. It gets into furniture and can even leave a mark on an empty apartment or outdoor areas frequented by smokers. By completely eliminating smoking, Fairfield residents will be able to enjoy a clean environment day in and day out.

Interested in living at a Fairfield Residential community? Check out our community search tool to find one in your area.

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