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Share the Air: 100% Smoke Free at Fairfield

Share the Air: 100% Smoke Free at Fairfield

We’re happy to announce that beginning in September of 2019, Fairfield Residential is transitioning all properties to become 100% smoke free communities. We are proud of this change, and look forward to the many benefits of the program. A smoke-free community allows others to avoid the dangers of second-hand smoke. Additionally, going smoke-free can drastically reduce the chance of fires and helps to reduce the number of toxic cigarette butts in the environment. We hope that this change makes for a healthier, happier community and a greener environment!

Here are the specific details of our new Share the Air program:

  • Why 100% smoke free? Our goal is to provide a healthier and more comfortable living environment to our residents. Did you know that 65% of the air in an apartment building is shared? That means that even smoking inside your apartment can impact others in your community.
  • Timeline: We are currently in the midst of transitioning to smoke-free communities at all Fairfield properties. This process should take about a year to completely transition as residents will be required to renew their leases with an addendum to live in a smoke-free environment. The change began September 1st and more information will be provided to you via your community’s associates as it becomes available.
  • Will smoking be allowed outdoors? In addition to smoking being prohibited inside your home, per the addendum, smoking will not be permitted in any public areas in our communities including parking lots, the pool, picnic areas and green spaces as well as apartment balconies or patios. Some communities will have designated smoking areas, but not all. Please check with your community manager for more information.
  • Will e-cigarettes be allowed? No, any form of smoking will be prohibited, including e-cigarettes.

We appreciate your patience through this transition and we hope you’ll enjoy your new smoke-free environment!

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