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7 Healthy, Easy Snacks on-the-go

Finding healthy snacks that are simple to make and easy to grab on-the-go can be tough sometimes – unless it’s fruit and veggies of course!  I think we can all agree that at one point or another we’ve reached for that bag of chips because it’s easy to eat and takes no prep time.  Making […]

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10 Instagram-Worthy Vacation Spots

When it comes to travel destinations, I swear my list goes on and on – I want to go everywhere and see everything!  I’m sure you all have a bucket list of your own as well, but if you’re searching for something a little more adventurous or specific, check out our comprehensive list of the […]

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20 Delicious Crockpot Recipes

When your life gets in the way of being able to cook, slow cookers are an absolute breath of fresh air!  Throw everything in the Crockpot before work and, voila, it’s ready to be served and devoured by the time you get home – magical!  To make your life just a little easier, we’ve gathered some of the most […]

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5 Best Food Delivery Apps

Lying on your couch and way too lazy to make food or go out to eat?  We know exactly how you feel!  It’s so difficult to find the energy to shop for groceries, then have to come home and cook after such a long and tiring day at work.  No need to worry, stay in […]

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Easy DIY Pet Treats and Toys

Our lives seem to revolve around our pets – at least in my case!  I swear my daily routine is all about my dog – I wake up, feed her, take her for a walk, go to work, come home, feed her, take her for a walk, sleep, and repeat!  It sounds like I have […]

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The 12 Best Indoor and Outdoor DIY Apartment Gardens

When you live in an apartment, having a garden seems impossible.  Well, we’re about to make the impossible, possible!  There are so many different ways to bring life to your apartment – both indoors and on your patio or balcony.  We’ve gathered some really awesome ideas to help you make the most pleasing apartment gardens. […]

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