An Apartment State Of Mind
Combining Decorating Styles with Your Roommate

When it comes to decorating your apartment, it can get a little overwhelming. What shade do you paint your accent wall? What furniture should go in this corner, or that corner? Does this lamp make the room look modern or classy? Inspiration is everywhere, including Modernize.com, a website that is all about the decor. Transform […]

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How to Find a Roommate That Doesn’t Suck

Ah yes, the roomie hunt. This could sometimes be harder than apartment hunting itself—after all, your apartment isn’t the one that will be a slobby Joe. We’ve come up with a few tips on how to make sure your next roomie isn’t a doozy that will turn your cozy apartment into a living h-e-double hockey […]

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Introducing Capriana at Chino Hills

At Fairfield Residential we love building apartments that enrich the neighborhoods we join. We take great pride in developing a property that partners with the city, the local businesses and the community, but also allows our residents to grow and thrive. We did just that, when we created our latest endeavor. Introducing Capriana at Chino […]

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Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Tons of my time is spent watching cooking shows. I’m not too great of a chef myself, so I’m living vicariously through all of these other chefs. The way they whip up something so amazing and mouthwatering (AND STAY SPIC AND SPAN CLEAN) is incredibly cool to me. Also, I’m a huge fan of Gordon […]

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Fitness Hacks: No Gym Required

Gym membership: we all buy into the New Year’s Resolution of getting fit, but how many of us actually use the expensive little card that is supposed to whip us into shape? NEWSFLASH: You don’t really need a gym to get fit. Here are a few fitness hacks to stay in shape, sans membership. The […]

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Sentimental Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Think back to when you first scraped your knee. Or when you really began liking somebody and didn’t know what to do. Or when you needed advice about life in general. Who did you turn to first? Chances are, many of you will say your mom. Moms have this amazing way of being superwomen, even […]

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