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Our Favorite Recipes for Pancake Day

Who doesn’t love pancakes?  Pancakes might be our favorite breakfast item, especially when they’re drowning in syrup.  We’re usually loyal to the traditional buttermilk pancake, but to celebrate Pancake Day on February 9th, we’re sharing with you ten of our favorite unique pancake recipes to try to recreate at home.  Everything from Strawberry Cheesecake pancakes to […]

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Restaurant Week 2016 in Charlotte, NC

The Queen’s Feast! For our residents in Charlotte, North Carolina, don’t forget about Restaurant Week 2016, this January 22nd through the 31st.  Called the Queen’s Feast, it includes over 130 restaurants around eight counties in metro Charlotte.  Each restaurant will feature a three course meal for $30-$35, excluding tax and tip.  Reservations are recommended! If you […]

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National Cheese Lover’s Day in San Francisco

Do you love cheese?  Are you aware that there’s a day created especially for you?  National Cheese Lover’s Day!  Safe to say that there’s plenty of cheese lovers in the city of San Francisco.  With so many gourmet and foodie experiences to tap into, cheese is always at the top of the list within the […]

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6 Realistic New Years Resolutions for Your Home in 2016

Your home has a tremendous impact on your well being, peace of mind and health.  Your home is, in fact, an extension of you!  So why not start 2016 off with a clean slate?  Below we talk about some realistic goals for your home to help keep you clearheaded, happy and serene throughout 2016. Mini Spring […]

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5 Best Organizing Apps for 2016

In 2016 it’s easier than ever to get organized.  Whether it’s a to do list, your budget or calendar, apps take on the heavy lifting!  Over the years, I’ve grown more and more accustomed to relying on apps to streamline my life and I must say, it’s given my overloaded mind a break.  Reminders for everything […]

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Top Tips for Bringing the Holidays Into Your Apartment

It’s finally December, which means it’s officially okay to FINALLY start blasting holiday music. While I have the soft tunes of Michael Bublé’s album playing throughout my place, I want my home to have actual holiday vibes as well. I’m talking twinkling lights, the smell of cinnamon and sugar cookies wafting throughout my apartment–the works. […]

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