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Sentimental Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Think back to when you first scraped your knee. Or when you really began liking somebody and didn’t know what to do. Or when you needed advice about life in general. Who did you turn to first? Chances are, many of you will say your mom. Moms have this amazing way of being superwomen, even […]

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Cinco de Tacos

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We love this holiday, not only because it celebrates the awesome Mexican victory, but it’s also another excuse to stuff myself with an infinite amount of chips and salsa, tacos, burritos, churros, guacamole, and beer, without judgment. While this is a traditional holiday, here are a few ways to kick it up […]

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5 Ways to Have Fun in Traffic Jams

Imagine this: You wake up on time for work, get ready, grab a healthy breakfast of cereal and banana, start your car on your merry drive toward work. You’re driving out of your neighborhood, and are suddenly surrounded by cars everywhere, all stuck in place like time has stopped. That’s right, it’s TRAFFIC. *DUN DUN […]

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How to: Ball on a Budget

Ball so hard on a budget, ja feel me? Decorating your apartment on a college kid’s budget is totally do-able. It just means getting a little more creative with some not so typical decorations. Take pictures and turn it into a cool collage. Not only will you be able to reminisce on the daily, but […]

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Paw-some Earth-Friendly Products

“WOOF WOOF ARF!” What’s that, boy? Lucky for you, Fairfield is full of dog whisperers and totes understood what your bud was trying to tell ya. As we all should know, Earth day is this week! Not only can you take the Fairfield Residential earth pledge to live a little Earth-friendlier, but even your fave […]

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Good Morning Starshines, the Earth says, “HELLO!”

You know what’s really cool? The Earth. It’s like this giant planet we all live on together where we get to live our lives all thanks to the big guy: Earth. Food, water, oxygen, anything necessary to live and breathe? Thanks for all of the above and more, Earth—we owe you one. Such an incredible […]

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