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10 of the Best Hiking Trails Across the Country

At Fairfield Residential, we know many of our residents love to be outdoors as much as possible. And what better activity can you do nationwide than hiking? No matter where you are in the country, there’s usually a trail nearby. All you need is a good pair of hiking shoes, a bottle of water and you’re […]

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7 Gourmet Avocado Toast Recipes

7 Gourmet Avocado Toast Recipes Avocado has taken over our hearts – and the internet. With new and innovative recipes circulating, we’re taking it back to the OG avocado toast and showing you how to spice up your favorite food trend with some easy gourmet twists. Avocado Rose – Easily make this appetizing and aesthetically […]

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Live Without Compromise at Cantabria in Dallas, TX

At Cantabria at Turtle Creek, our motto is ‘Live Without Compromise’ for people who love to live life and expect the best from it. That’s why Cantabria features luxury mid-rise studios, one and two bedroom apartments and is located in the heart of the uptown/ Oak Lawn area of Dallas, a thriving, diverse and high-end […]

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The Home Entrepreneurs Guide to Finding An Apartment Workspace

These days it’s not uncommon to meet someone who works remotely either from home or the local coffee shop. Don’t think we haven’t noticed here at Fairfield! More and more of our residents work from home so it’s been a goal of ours to incorporate apartment and community amenities to make the life of our entrepreneurial residents […]

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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Fairfield Residential is revolutionizing the game with our 3 Easy Steps to Fold a Fitted Sheet infographic – we’ve literally made it as easy as 1,2,3! Step 1: Tuck the corners from one side of the fitted sheet (yes, all fitted sheets have corners, despite how tricky they are to find) into the corners on the […]

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DIY Nightstand – THE Bedside Storage Solution

You probably have several things on the table next to your bed: clock, tissues, phone, an iPad, a book, a glass of water and so on. The secret to a good night’s sleep is to create a calm and comfortable environment. Your bedroom should have as few distractions as possible. That means you shouldn’t use […]

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