An Apartment State Of Mind
Personal Utopia – How to Make a Capsule Wardrobe

Apartment life might mean smaller spaces, but the upside is cutting down on items you don’t need in your home, saving you time, energy and money. In 2017, this more efficient and minimalistic lifestyle is all the rage, right? That’s why the capsule wardrobe, coined by Susie Faux, is the perfect way for apartment dwellers […]

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4 Must See Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Atlanta is a cultural hotspot full of history, fashion, cuisine, sports, the arts and now technology. Forbes rated Atlanta #3 on their list of 5 U.S. Cities Poised To Become Tomorrow’s Tech Meccas. It’s often regarded as the “capitol of the new south” with its mix of modern and diverse urban influences combined with old […]

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The Eco-Friendly Spring-Cleaning Apartment Guide

No one, I repeat, no one wants to spend a day, let alone an entire weekend, cleaning. Depending on your level of cleanliness, spring-cleaning times may vary. But we’ve come up with a quick guide to a thorough cleaning that you can get done in 2 hours, give or take. 2 hours is doable, right? If […]

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6 Ideas for Spring Decor in 2017

It’s time to celebrate. Spring is here! The shedding of winter has begun and in its place is warmth and happy days. After you finish your spring cleaning this season, apply these home décor ideas from our San Francisco community, L Seven Apartments, to bring the sunshine from the outside, inside. Spring decor for 2017 Pops of […]

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A Jet Setters Home Base: Avaire in South Bay LA

Our brand new community, Avaire Apartments, is created for entrepreneurs, home-based employees and jet setters. Keeping that in mind, we found the perfect location for frequent travelers who want a home base in LA, but also thrive on traveling throughout the year. Avaire is just a hop, skip and a jump away LAX International Airport, […]

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7 Tips to Organize your Fridge

Have you ever spent 5 straight minutes digging around your fridge looking for something that you were SURE was there, only to be unable to find it? Keeping a refrigerator organized between a busy family, a pair (or more!) of roommates or even when you live alone can be challenging. Check out our tips for organizing […]

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