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15 Pasta Recipes for National Pasta Day

Did you know there’s a day to celebrate one of your favorite foods? Yes, pasta! Break out a pot and some hot water on October 17th, because it’s time to celebrate National Pasta Day. Pasta is one of the easiest  meals around, and we think we can all agree, it tastes delicious. Who doesn’t love a […]

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Grow Beautiful House Plants Any Time of Year

It’s amazing how house plants can transform a living space. Not only do they bring more color and vibrancy to home decor, they also help purify the air, increase humidity and reduce toxins as well as keep hot summer temperatures down. But what if you want to keep that beautiful greenery through the fall and winter? Well, […]

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Best Workouts to do at Your Apartment Community

Some of the best things about living in a modern apartment community are the amenities–especially here at Fairfield Residential, where we try to provide residents with the amenities that make their lives easier. This includes everything from an in-house washer and dryer to lounges & game rooms. One top amenity that will save our residents some cash every […]

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20 Crock Pot Recipes Perfect for Fall

Break Out the Crock Pot When the chilly months of autumn roll around, there’s nothing like a having a hot home cooked meal to warm you up. That’s why having plenty of crock pot recipes is essential. Not only can a slow cooker save you time and money, it can even make your food taste better. Because […]

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5 Apartment Amenities that Make Your Life Easier

Often it’s the little daily tasks that tend to run us down, right? Most of us are already so busy that adding anything on top of our hectic schedule makes us feel like we’re trudging through mud. But sometimes, there are those simple things in life that just make you say, ahh. One such thing […]

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How to See Las Vegas Like a Local

Most of us have a certain idea about Vegas, right? Extravagant shows, gambling, hotels and nightlife. But did you know there is another side to Las Vegas? The side the locals know. A little more low key, but every bit as exciting. Perhaps you don’t want to fall into the tourist trap of Vegas and […]

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