An Apartment State Of Mind
Genius Ways to Organize Your Walk-in Closet

Have you ever walked into your closet and almost experienced a panic attack at the sight of the chaotic mess?  At times, it looks like a tornado decided to wreak havoc in my closet – it’s disastrous!  It’s not that my clothes are strewn all over the floor; it’s more about clothing falling off the […]

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Declutter Those Kitchen Countertops

Do you often find your kitchen countertops getting overloaded with stuff?  Or are you constantly having to move everything out of the way just to make room for cooking?  We totally understand and often run into those problems as well!  It seems like stuff just ends up pilling onto the kitchen counters and you can never […]

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Round-Up of the 7 Best IKEA Hacks

For some bizarre reason, I love walking through IKEA – they literally have everything you could ever need and more!  Also, who would have known that a ton of their items have a thousand uses?!  I bet that if you walked through IKEA and couldn’t find that specific thing you were looking for, you probably […]

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Often Forgotten Camping Essentials for You and Your Dog

You, your dog, and your friends have decided to take a camping trip – awesome!  You’ve got everything that you think you’ll need loaded into the car and you’re ready to go.  You arrive at the campground after a 3 hour drive and you start to unpack your car. You’ve got the tent out and […]

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7 Healthy, Easy Snacks on-the-go

Finding healthy snacks that are simple to make and easy to grab on-the-go can be tough sometimes – unless it’s fruit and veggies of course!  I think we can all agree that at one point or another we’ve reached for that bag of chips because it’s easy to eat and takes no prep time.  Making […]

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10 Instagram-Worthy Vacation Spots

When it comes to travel destinations, I swear my list goes on and on – I want to go everywhere and see everything!  I’m sure you all have a bucket list of your own as well, but if you’re searching for something a little more adventurous or specific, check out our comprehensive list of the […]

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