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20 Holiday Cookie Recipes For 2017

Remember baking holiday cookies with your Mom back in the day? We’d open up an old cookie cookbook from the 1960s, pages torn and faded. It was always a special activity, especially as a kid. Aside from cherishing the holiday bonding with Mom, the cookies always tasted delicious! Fast forward to 2017. Now most of […]

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Doggy Winter Coat and Sweater Ideas

Let’s face it, we could stare at adorable doggie pics all day long. We love our pups here at Fairfield Residential and we especially love treating them like family. And that means keeping them warm and happy during the winter! Since pups love to go for walks even when it’s cold out, why not treat […]

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5 Herbal Teas To Keep You Warm and Healthy

Herbal tea is a great way to detox and boost immunity during flu season. Drinking tea daily helps to flush out toxins from your body plus add additional vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to your diet. Plus herbal teas are usually low in caffeine! Not only are herbal teas good for your immune system, but they also […]

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Top Tech Gifts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Is it really almost Black Friday again? Time flies and before you know it, Thanksgiving and holiday shopping are on the horizon. We’ve decided to focus this post on some of the top tech gadgets you might want to pick up in 2017. With this guide, you can make the most of getting gifts for Black […]

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How Would You Live Your Day Dream?

Become A Daydream Believer Our new campaign here at Fairfield Residential is all about Living Your Day Dream. We encourage our residents to never stop dreaming! Dreaming makes our lives that much more interesting, right? In fact, most successful ideas and innovations come from our imagination. Now, you don’t have to dream up a new invention to […]

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Discover the New Solana Ridge in Temecula

The Finest Temecula Apartments Around Shopping for Temecula apartments? At Solana Ridge Apartments you will discover a newly renovated community in the heart of wine country in Temecula. Our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment homes feature newly designed amenities for the upgraded lifestyle you desire, including expansive balconies and patios, 9-foot ceilings, and high-end community amenities to […]

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