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An Apartment State Of Mind
How to Store Your Face Masks

Things to grab while heading out the door: keys, phone, and a face mask! Unfortunately, face masks will definitely be known as the “it” accessory of 2020. They’ve become an essential part of our everyday lives, so we’ve had to buy multiple, incorporate our cloth masks into our laundry cycles, and find places to store […]

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Necessities for a New Apartment

Whenever you move you might find yourself needing new essentials. Maybe you got rid of some old furniture or lost some stuff in the move. Or maybe you just want a fresh start with some new things. To make things easy for your move, here are a list of necessities you’ll need for your new […]

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Tech Updates in Rental Housing

We’re living in a completely different world than we did just a mere year ago. How we go about our daily lives has changed in terms of safety and that also means new improvements in rental housing technology. Let’s check out the ways we’ve made the rental process safer and also better for the environment […]

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Fall Activities to Do At Home

With the uncertainty of Covid still lingering this fall, it seems many of us will be staying home rather than going out. If outside dining is the norm where you live and with the weather getting colder, spending time out may not be an option. Here are some activities to do at home this fall […]

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National Dessert Day

Sweets lovers rejoice! This October 14th is National Dessert Day and your chance to celebrate your favorite desserts. Let’s check out some ideas! Who can resist a warm slice of pie with ice cream? Start National Dessert Day off with donuts in the morning. Yum! If you love frozen treats, get your popsicle on this […]

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Face Masks 101

Face masks have become a part of our new reality during the pandemic. Sometimes it’s confusing to find the right answer on how to clean or store your face masks, but have no fear, the process is pretty easy. Just remember, safety first! Shopping for Your Mask – These days face masks are sold pretty […]

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