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How to Create a Baby Friendly Apartment

While all life changes require an adjustment period, having a baby might be the biggest. Moving in together, adopting a pet or downsizing-nothing quite compares to preparing your life and your home for your newborn. When it comes to your apartment, how exactly do you prepare? And what can your family and friends do to make things easier? We have some tips…read on!

How to Create a Baby Friendly Apartment

Photo by Alyssa Stevenson via Unsplash

  • When it comes to baby shower’s for apartment dwellers, the best gifts are gift cards. Because apartment dwellers have limited space, that means they may not have room for the overwhelming amount of gifts you usually find at baby showers! Do them a favor and give a gift card or if you’re expecting, request a gift card instead of posting a gift registry.
  • If space is an issue in your apartment, start out with a mini crib. A mini crib is 24 x 38 inches vs a standard crib which is 28 x 52 inches. Depending on the size of your baby, they may fit in the crib for up to 24 months.
  • Now that you’ll need more space for baby stuff, you may want to consider a convertible bed that not only folds up against a wall when not in use but can also be used as a couch or a bed. So if you need more room for toys during the day, this bed is an ideal space saver.
  • As new parents, you may be sharing your room with your newborn for the first few months.  As a result, you don’t necessarily have to worry about giving up a room to a nursery right away. Many babies can share a room with their parents for 6 months, sometimes even more! Try not to stress about that space until you have to.
  • One great way to save space in your apartment once your baby arrives is to use furniture that can also substitute as storage. Chests used as tables or hollow ottomans with a removable lid are a perfect way to store those extra toys out of sight.
  • Whether you’re still pregnant or have just brought your newborn home, giant pillows are an amazing home accessory for mom. There are a variety of different giant pillows that can be used to make pregnant moms feel more comfortable or also ones to lean on while you’re nursing. It might be in your best interest to get both! (Some even serve both purposes!)
  • When it comes to nursing or rocking your baby to sleep, nothing is better than a glider chair that has a smooth swaying motion to put your baby at ease. Plus, some recline, offering you a comfy spot to doze off in the night if needed.

Start with these tips and you’ll be more than ready to make your apartment feel like home for you and your newborn.

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