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Cultivating Careers in Construction & Construction Management at Fairfield

With the need for housing not meeting the demand, multifamily housing construction is more necessary now than ever. Many regions across the U.S. are pushing for high-density development. Older properties are ready for renovation updates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that employment of construction managers is projected to grow eight percent between 2019 and 2029 – faster than the average for all other occupations. It’s no surprise that careers in construction and construction management are on the rise.

Fairfield’s New Construction and Construction Management departments are busier than ever with approximately $2 billion of new construction projects underway and a robust pipeline full of projects. Read on to learn about careers in construction and construction management at Fairfield and view our open positions!

Careers in Construction

Fairfield is founded on our development and construction business, with development being the cornerstone. Additionally, our acquisitions business is growing and affordable housing is a becoming big part of the company. In order to fulfill the demands of these growing portfolios, we are seeking the right talent to meet many opportunities. The question is: Are you ready to move forward with a career in construction at Fairfield?

“Predevelopment, Design, and Preconstruction are where we win. It’s a very collaborative effort and sets a project up for success.”
– Todd Fereday, 7 years at Fairfield
Construction Manager

Belonging in Fairfield’s Culture

Teamwork is key at Fairfield. When you are part of a cohesive team, it feels like family and you know you belong. Your skills and talents are necessary whether you are an entry-level project engineer, a construction accounting clerk, an estimator, an administrative manager, a punch laborer, or a construction tech or you work in design management, contracts administration, due diligence, or project management. With a notable average tenure in both New Construction and Construction Management, it’s clear that Fairfield associates have opportunities for career growth. Fairfield culture promotes leadership and values critical thinking, among other benefits.

At Fairfield, the roles and responsibilities in the New Construction and Construction Management departments come with the opportunity to create an autonomous work environment. You can always contribute improvements. We want you to have the ability to be successful, and you will find that Fairfield associates work hard to make sure everyone can have ownership in their projects.

“What sets Fairfield apart and makes it so interesting to work here is that you’re working with all the different groups in the life cycle of the project. We’re an investment company and the vehicle is apartments — we buy them, build them, manage them, and maintain them, and we get involved in the sales process, so it’s a big cyclical process.”
– Andy Jennings, 20 years at Fairfield
Senior Vice President, Construction Management

One look at any Fairfield jobsite or office proves a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space where associates on all levels know they belong.

Construction team reviewing blue prints

Who is Right for Careers in Construction & Construction Management?

“Building things” is something you’ve always been interested in. You enjoy the innovative ways housing providers are creating apartment communities that people can truly call home. Fundamentally, you have the desire to help create places where people can live and work comfortably and still have access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Maybe you’ve spent the last few years working on various aspects of new construction or remodeling projects.

You have a degree in engineering, construction science, or construction management, or a certification in project management. Or maybe you don’t have a degree, but your experience in multifamily construction speaks for itself. Past experience is only one consideration in the evaluation of candidates for our career opportunities. Fairfield values the whole person – character and work ethic count. Even if you’re just starting out, there can be a future for you in construction at Fairfield.

On the Job with Construction at Fairfield

“Fairfield offers experienced resources that will help you to execute your job responsibilities and navigate the requirements of building a project.”
– Todd Fereday

You will become familiar with planning, coordinating, budgeting, and supervising construction projects from inception to completion. Keeping daily logs, cost estimates, inventories, meeting schedules, and deadlines while knowing and maintaining compliance and safety protocols are all part of the jobs in these departments.  

Cutting-edge training opportunities are not only available, they are required and will enable your construction career advancement goals. Whether you have a degree in engineering, construction science, or project management or your education has been on-the-job training in multifamily new construction, renovation, and redevelopment, you can build a successful career in construction or construction management at Fairfield.

Construction team and manager handshake

Growing Your Construction Career

“You’re not here for a job, you’re looking for a career”
– Robert Rosales, Jr., 7 years at Fairfield
Assistant Superintendent

Because you’re reading about Fairfield and our careers in construction and construction management, you probably have an interest and maybe even experience in multifamily construction. Many of our associates gained prior experience through apprenticeships, work as various types of laborers, and even volunteer work. OSHA or specialty certifications are also helpful if you’re considering a construction career. If you’re just starting your career, these can be excellent points of entry.

When you’re ready for the next step in your construction career several years of field experience in multifamily construction, whether new, renovation, or redevelopment, will help you decide what role to look at next. You could pursue open positions on jobsites in the field or more administrative positions that work out of offices with some time spent on jobsites. Either career path could require some travel. Once you choose the right path for you, you can count on Fairfield managers to help provide opportunities for advancement.

Possible Career Path

Your tenure at Fairfield might look like that of one of Fairfield’s Project Managers: Amy Garzot began her 23-year Fairfield construction career as a contract administrator. Since then she has held such positions as Second Assistant Superintendent, First Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and Assistant Project Manager. She now serves as Project Manager and credits excellent mentorship and training opportunities for her career climb – proving that a willing learner can find success.

Experience Translates Across Departments, Too

Some Fairfield associates have even transitioned from maintenance and property management positions into construction or construction management positions. A background in property management is helpful across the board, and with Fairfield’s many training opportunities, interesting and satisfying career pivots are possible.

Our construction pipeline promises a busy future, which means we are always posting new opportunities and interested in connecting with driven and talented professionals in the construction field. If you do not see the job you seek posted on Fairfield’s careers site today, please check back often.

Fairfield associate in logo gear

New Construction & Construction Management Positions

Do you like being on the jobsite, managing and working alongside your team or do you prefer overseeing the administrative aspects of a jobsite? Would you rather put things into place or be the look-ahead person, able to anticipate anything and everything that could happen on a jobsite to make sure all the moving pieces are flowing properly?

Fairfield currently has open positions available in a variety of markets – including San Diego, Oregon, Rhode Island, Boston, Virginia, Atlanta, and Florida. We also have new markets also upcoming throughout Southern California.

Position Highlights

  • Project Engineers assist the field teams with construction administration including reviewing construction documents, meeting minutes, tracking RFI’s and submittals, assisting with site compliance and communication with the subcontractors.
  • Assistant Superintendents assist and support the required construction needs to maintain safety, quality, and timeliness of the project. They work directly with the Superintendent, Project Manager, Project Engineer, subcontractors, and city inspectors to ensure all items are completed to satisfaction. They oversee punch and labor staff, budget adherence, safety adherence and meetings, quality control, and tasks related to the timely flow and completion of projects.
  • Superintendents work with the Project Managers and supervise the on-site teams as well as collaborate with consultants, subcontractors, and city inspectors. They are responsible for the day-to-day activities onsite, including safety, scheduling, problem solving and productivity of the jobsites from project commencement through completion. They are flexible and able to multi-task while following plans for interior and exterior renovations and large capital projects. Superintendents will meet deadlines and manage daily logs, checklists, POs, budgets, due diligence, jobsite progress reports, field agendas, and all aspects of multiple projects.
  • Assistant Project Managers assist the Project Manager and Senior Project Manager in daily coordination of trades, property teams, and overall project schedule. They are involved with everything from construction administration, scheduling, quality control, due diligence, to budgets, buy-out, bidding, contract negotiations, and managing staff.
  • Project Managers are the face of the company, interacting with architects, owners, subcontractors, and asset managers throughout each phase of development. They are responsible for risk management and following through with due diligence. Also, they handle buyout and contract negotiations, develop schedules, estimate costs, create and monitor budgets, offer cost savings options, and create and follow through with action plans. In essence, they are generally responsible for the project compliance. They understand internal policies and procedures, building codes, and construction documents.

All of these positions require four to five years of experience in multifamily construction, renovation and/or large capital projects. View all of our open positions.

Construction Managers on site

Top Skills for Careers in Construction & Construction Management

Fairfield associates with careers in construction and construction management share common skills sets.

“The character of the person and a go get ‘em attitude can sometimes override what experience might be missing but can be learned on the job.”
– Andy Jennings

  • Communication – written, verbal, and listening skills. Be able to determine, decipher, and deliver accurate information through reports and instruction on a timely basis, without conflict.
  • Analytical thinking – in areas such as financials and accounting, reviewing contracts and complex scopes of work, value engineering, project planning, due diligence, and investigative testing of new properties for purchase.
  • Ability to prioritize – identifying areas of concern and delineating job responsibilities while managing the team and the project, planning to meet project objectives, developing schedules, and managing lead-times and material procurement.
  • Problem-solving – includes everything from managing people to managing the scope of multiple projects.
  • Technical skills – ability to handle Microsoft Excel, Word, MS Project, BlueBeam, and other construction software.
  • Leadership – at Fairfield, you’re always part of a team, whether working with Fairfield associates or alongside construction specialists, subcontractors, and vendors. You must have a positive, can-do attitude and be able to lead without conflict.
  • Construction industry knowledge and expertise – you bring your whole self, including past experiences, to the table but you must also be flexible, willing to learn new ways, and open to training.

Take Advantage of Opportunity & Growth at Fairfield

Moving from entry-level positions to assistant positions to management positions in the Fairfield framework is made possible through collaboration, training, and mentorship. Once on board, you will meet Fairfield associates who have taken advantage of the many opportunities available for career advancement.

“Fairfield offers stability and a great career path.”
– Todd Fereday

With a New Construction department overseeing new buildings from the ground up and a Construction Management department overseeing renovations and remodels, the Fairfield property pipeline is full and growing. There’s enough variety to provide many career opportunities and much career growth.

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