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Celebrating Friendships at Fairfield

Working at Fairfield is so much more than just a job! Being here can cultivate meaningful connections because you’re a part of a team and a family of colleagues. That’s why for International Friendship Day we asked our associates to share photos and stories of their work besties. The response was incredible — and provides a great behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like working at Fairfield!

It’s Easy to Celebrate International Friendship Day When You Work at Fairfield

Whether you’re on site at one of our nationwide apartment communities or a member of one of our corporate teams, it’s easy to connect with fellow associates at Fairfield! We take great pride in cultivating strong teams with associates that truly embody our 5 core values of Integrity, Mutual Respect, Passion, Transparency, and Trust (If this sounds like you, apply for one of our open positions today!). Check out these stories of friendship from working at Fairfield that come directly from our associates.

Friends Forever at The Slate at Andover

Sydney tells us:
“This is our team with the exception of Richard. We have loved working together and have all gotten along so great. No team like the Slate team! And I have to give a special shout out to Dawn. She and I have been working together here at The Slate at Andover for quite some time. We always have each other’s back — she is more like my work sister than my work bestie! Dawn is always there to help me with training and with residents or prospects. I wouldn’t know what I would do without her!”

Team Bonding at Skye Apartments

Lindsay tells us:
“#TeamSkye got together to celebrate our wonderful Assistant Manager Jessica’s 30th birthday! We have all grown so close working together at Skye Apartments and are lucky to have a wonderful friendship where we can celebrate each others milestones!”


Friends That are Like Family at Boardwalk Senior Affordable Apartments

Cynthia tells us:
“Keri and I have worked together for years at Boardwalk Senior Affordable Apartments. She is my rock and my sanity. I would be lost without her and so would the residents. The second photos is Team Boardwalk: Myself, Keri, Matt, and Matt. These fun photos were taken on July 22, 2021 at Emerald Downs Race Track at our Fairfield Honors event where we all got to relax and let loose. Team Boardwalk is family for sure!”

Friendships That Transcend Locations

Makalyn tells us:
“Gabrielle was one of my property managers while I was a leasing agent at Sterling Park. Not only did we develop a friendship, we also worked well together and had a great a team relationship. Although I am now at Heathermoor & Bedford Commons, we still are here to help each other with the needs of our different properties. I am very thankful to have a forever friendship thanks to Fairfield!”

makalyn gabrielle

Friendships Aided by Technology

Kimberly tells us:
“Here is a picture of Gina and me on Zoom, as this is how we connect most often. Gina and I met when I was asked to be her mentor when she started with Fairfield at The Braydon Apartments. We spend a lot of time doing training and working through things on zoom since The Braydon and Bristol Apartment Homes are so far apart. Even though there are 40 miles between us, I am still able to be there via Zoom with a quick click of ‘join a meeting’ for anything!”


Lifelong Friendships at Fairfield Corporate

Anna tells us:
“Stacy and I started working together 22 years ago. I am grateful to have met her and consider her one of my closest friends who I am lucky enough to work with! Twenty years ago I invited her to join me and my friends at a bar to watch the Patriots game. Since then, we’ve spent time together at Fairfield regional conferences and leadership conferences as well as time outside of Fairfield like the times we went wine tasting at Trevi Hills or had a spa day at Rancho Bernardo Inn!”

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