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Share the Air – Frequently Asked Questions

Fairfield is committed to providing homes that cater to a healthy and environmentally friendly living experience for our residents. As a result, we implemented Share the Air, our smoke-free program, and have since transitioned into completely smoke-free communities. See below for a list of our frequently asked questions about this beneficial program.


  • Why has Fairfield decided to go smoke free?

    Our goal is to provide a healthier, more comfortable living environment for our residents. Did you know that up to 65% of the air in an apartment building is shared? That means that even smoking inside your apartment can impact others at the community. We hope to positively impact our residents living experiences, health, and the well-being of our environment with this program.

  • When did this change take place?

    We began the transition to becoming completely smoke free on September 1, 2019. Since then, smoking is not permitted in your home or any public areas of our communities, including parking lots, picnic areas, and green spaces. Communities new to the Fairfield family will be notified of the smoke-free transition timeline with an introduction to our Share the Air program.

  • Can I smoke in my home or on my patio or balcony?

    Since September 2019, smoking of any kind is not permitted inside your home or on your patio or balcony at Fairfield communities. If your community is new to the Fairfield family, individual homes, including balconies and patios, will transition to smoke-free areas as you and your neighbors renew your leases with a new smoke-free lease addendum. All new leases include language prohibiting the ability to smoke in these spaces.

  • Where can I smoke?

    Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas at select communities. Please reach out to your Property Manager to find out if you have designated smoking areas at your community and where they are located.

  • Are e-cigarettes allowed?

    Like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes affect the quality of the air in our communities and make it more difficult to share the air. As such, no form of smoking is permitted, including e-cigarettes, outside of any designated smoking areas.

  • What should I do if someone is smoking outside of the designated smoking areas?

    If you encounter someone smoking outside of a designated smoking area, please reach out to your Property Manager to address the issue.


We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please contact us at [email protected] with additional questions.

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