Providence Metro

Life in the Providence Metro area has undergone an impressive transformation over recent decades. Once a brimming hub of industrialization, the Providence Metro has shed its once manufacturing-focused reputation and been reborn as a center of institutions, arts, and leisure. The Providence area owes its transformation to the development of its eight hospitals, seven higher education facilities and an explosion of hospitality. Top educational facilities such as Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) add to the appeal of the Providence Metro and further create an energetic atmosphere.

With a reputation for selling some of the best coffee in the US and famous for its mouthwatering doughnut shops, foodies will truly fall in love with the Providence Metro. If sweet treats aren't enough to tempt then any other tastes can be catered for as Providence has a vast food scene with claims of the most restaurants per capita of any US city. It isn't all about food, however, markets, concerts and unique festivals such as the Waterfire are regularly held by the riverside and often Brown University holds events for local residents to enjoy.

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