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Lansing Metro

Lansing sits along the path of Michigan's largest river, Grand River, creating riverside living and fantastic views. Architecturally, the Lansing Metro is dominated by state buildings with a few exceptions, downtown being one of them. Downtown Lansing has retained its historic market town feel and is still used for local markets today.

Education is focused around Michigan State University in East Lansing. With renowned development programs and the largest campus in the US, students come to MSU from all over. Offering 14 different degree programs and a specialty in medicine, MSU is consistently rated as one of the top education programs in the nation.

The Lansing metro area is never short of something to do. The sports scene thrives with a strong baseball team, the Spartan's football team and the National Premier Soccer League also plays here, allowing locals to get together and feel passionate about supporting their local teams. Outdoor fun is never too far away either, with Park Lake and Lake Lansing making wonderful locations for tranquil summertime weekends. The local lakes are perfect for a dip and are enjoyed by a number of sailing clubs and locals with an interest in angling.

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