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World Art Day at Fairfield Residential: Supporting Local Artists

World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts, recognized on April 15th, to promote awareness of creative activity worldwide. In honor of World Art Day, we’ve decided to highlight how we’re supporting local artists at Fairfield. It’s so important to support small businesses including local artists so we’ve made it a point to hire artists from local communities of our new construction properties. We hire local artists at our properties across the nation to create beautiful murals that represent what the specific property is all about. Although most people view murals or wall art and might look right past it, today is the day to appreciate the art right in front of you and support local artists!

Today we’re highlighting one of our recent artist’s work at The Isaac Apartments in Frisco, Texas: Jeremiah Staggs.

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Jeremiah’s Inspiration

“The inspiration for the overall visual concept of the 28″ by 48″ murals is the city of Frisco itself. The past, present, and future provide a detailed heritage for the city I’m proud to call home. As such, I chose specific images, such as the iconic Frisco Water Tower and scenes from the rail district, to highlight the city’s rich history.”

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About the Artist

Born in Chicago, Jeremiah began his art career at an early age. He graduated from the American Academy of Art with a degree in Commercial Art and Illustration with a minor in Fine Arts. He has held numerous jobs in creative fields, including merchandise design for t-shirts, posters, magnets, and CD sleeve art. Jeremiah has created large scale murals for the Chicago Transit Authority and a number of other small businesses. His work has appeared in numerous galleries and exhibitions over the past 25 years. Since relocating to Frisco, Texas in 2014, he has taught private art lessons and mentored for the Frisco Independent School District. He is a proud member of the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco (VAGF) and of the Frisco Arts Foundation. When not creating or teaching he can be found enjoying life’s moments with his wife and children.

To see more of Jeremiah’s work please visit his Instagram.

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