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Talia Apartment’s New Bike Share Program

Talia Apartment’s New Bike Share Program

We’re happy to announce that one of our properties has implemented a bike sharing program for their residents! Talia Apartments in Marlborough, MA now has bikes that their residents can check out via a phone app to use at their convenience.

Using bikes to commute is the perfect activity during spring, summer and fall weather. Plus, it’s perfect for living a green lifestyle – no gas needed! Residents can check out a bike from Talia and ride the Sudbury Reservoir trails in Southborough or the Assabet River Rail Trail which starts in Marlborough and goes into Hudson and further. Or just ride into Marlborough for dinner and shopping.

Talia Apartment's New Bike Share Program

The check out process is done through an app. Residents first have to register for the Bike Share System. It’s a super easy process, directions can be found below!

Register for Bike Share System

After residents have registered they can then check out a bicycle from the directions below. The whole process is very easy and simple!

Bike Share Rider Guide - BT(1)

If you’re a Talia resident and have any questions about the bike sharing program, feel free to drop in the leasing office and one of the property managers will be happy to help. Happy riding!

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