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Live/Work Plus Co-Working Spaces at Fairfield Residential

The life of an entrepreneur or remote employee can get lonely sometimes. Working from your home is often a solo job, which is great for introverts who thrive on alone time. But for those missing that office camaraderie they once had, the switch can be a bit jarring. However, with more and more of the workforce entering remote positions, co-working spaces have gained popularity in recent years to help solo-prenuers get out of the house and have a professional environment to meet clients. Yet this luxury is for an added price that can cost a pretty penny.

Live/Work Plus Co-Working Spaces at Fairfield Residential

Brain Trust Coworking Lounge at Vela on OX Apartments in Woodland Hills CA

Luckily, at Fairfield Residential we know many of our residents are successful entrepreneurs and remote workers who need those added benefits right in their apartment community – without the added cost. For instance, at our new community Vela on OX in Woodland Hills, CA, there are three co-working spaces on the property. The main co-working amenity, Brain Trust, features a large space with Wi-Fi that connects to a conference room for meetings. There’s also a smaller additional space for a more intimate, less crowded setting. These spaces create something for every type of home worker; whether you want to be in a large setting with other people to network and chat with, whether you need a private professional conference room to meet with clients, or if you prefer a cozy setting to work with a few other people rather than at home alone.

Live/Work Plus Co-Working Spaces at Fairfield Residential

Conference Room at Vela on OX Apartments in Woodland Hills CA

Our newer properties are also featuring live/work spaces right within your apartment home. Built in desks give you more space to work right from home without needing to buy office furniture. So essentially you can have the best of both worlds. Work from home when you’d like, plus take advantage of co-working spaces when you need that face to face connection with co-workers, clients, and fellow entrepreneurs!

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