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How to Use an Accent Wall

August 12, 2021

Accent walls are a great way to add a pop of color to a room without having to paint every single wall. Imagine the possibilities: a custom wall as a backdrop to your perfectly paired sofa, complete with stylish cushions and modern artwork that will make your space look like it came straight out of the latest West Elm catalog. Ready to try it? Get started with these tips.

Which Wall Should You Accent?

A wall that’s already the “center” of a room is the perfect choice to accent. For example, the wall that anchors your bed, the fireplace wall, a bookcase wall, or a wall with a large viewing window. Make sure this wall is solid with no breaks and is symmetrical. It should also have clear borders, so you can easily define where your accent wall stops.

bedroom accent wall in light teal

Chose Your Accent Color

Select a color that is already subtly present in that room. Let’s say you have a beautiful large area rug with hints of burnt orange, choose a burnt orange paint for your accent wall. Be sure to take into account what room you’re picking a color for. For example, burnt orange might be a perfect pop of color for your living room, while you might want something more calm and soothing in your bedroom.

If you’re not sure what color to go with, our friends at Sherwin Williams have the tool for you! Upload a photo of your room to ColorSnap and paint your room digitally before committing to a color.

Accent Wall in living room in goldenrod

Why Create An Accent Wall In An Apartment?

When you rent an apartment, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out ways to make it truly feel like your own space. Without the ability to do your own renovations, you have to rely solely on your furnishings and accessories to give your home the look you desire. Thankfully, you know about Apartmentality and have found our great tips for personalizing your apartment, including this one!

Before painting an accent wall in your rental, be sure that it complies with the terms of your lease.

How to use an accent wall

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