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Often Forgotten Camping Essentials for You and Your Dog

You, your dog, and your friends have decided to take a camping trip – awesome!  You’ve got everything that you think you’ll need loaded into the car and you’re ready to go.  You arrive at the campground after a 3 hour drive and you start to unpack your car. You’ve got the tent out and […]

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Easy DIY Pet Treats and Toys

Our lives seem to revolve around our pets – at least in my case!  I swear my daily routine is all about my dog – I wake up, feed her, take her for a walk, go to work, come home, feed her, take her for a walk, sleep, and repeat!  It sounds like I have […]

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5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

When you consider your four-legged pal to be part of the family then he should totally have some apps on your phone that are dedicated to him – don’t you agree?  We’ve handpicked the 5 best apps out there for all you dog and cat parents!  From first aid, to fitness, to pet-friendly destinations – […]

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Dog Park Best Practices

Did you know that pet amenities are one of the number one things that residents want from their communities?  Well, Fairfield has listened.  After all, we love pets too!  We’re happy to say that many of our locations feature dog parks where your furry family members can run around and have a great old time […]

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How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs

At Fairfield Residential, we are pet lovers to the max. We love our fur babies and want to keep them as safe as possible. Especially during the summer when the weather gets hot and our poor little pups are in danger of heat stroke (yikes). Heat stroke is a very real issue that can have […]

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How to Keep Your Pet Entertained While You Work

Are you having trouble figuring out a way to keep your pet entertained while you’re away at work?  Leaving your pet alone for the day can be stressful for the both of you.  Your pet might get anxious, bored, or lonely and as an owner you can’t stop thinking about your poor baby being home all […]

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