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An Apartment State Of Mind
Essential Flea Season Hacks

A common nightmare for every pet owner is going about your day in your nice clean apartment, only to find a flea pop up from out of nowhere. You thought your place was free of fleas and then all of a sudden it becomes apparent you’ve got a problem. It may not be a major flea […]

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Sustainable & Healthy Pet Food

If sustainability and your pet’s health are important to you, then chances are you might have already invested in top of the line pet food. If you haven’t had time to dive into the rabbit hole of healthy pet food, we’re gathering some of the best brands to try. Although sustainable pet food might be […]

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Halloween Treats for Your Pup

Halloween treats this year aren’t just for the kids and the neighbors. Pets can get in on the action too! Not with candy, but definitely Halloween inspired treats you can make at home. There’s nothing more that pup’s love than getting in on family activities and wanting to be part of every activity. Take your […]

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How to Move With Your Pet

Moving in itself is a tough job. Unfortunately, moving with pets can be even tougher. Adjusting to new living spaces will depend on your pet’s personality, however, there are some things you can do to ease the transition. Generally speaking, cats can have a much harder time moving since they don’t like change. Their natural instinct is […]

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How to Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

With pet ownership comes a lot of responsibilities. Since there are so many choices to pick from for food and pet items, why not go the eco-friendly route? It might be surprising how much waste a little pet can actually produce, but just take a monthly tally! Between poop bags, food, kitty litter and toys, […]

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Hacks For First Time Pet Parents

So you’ve made the decision…it’s time to be a pet parent! Now what, right? We’re sure you have a million questions. Luckily, we have some answers. If you’re familiar with Fairfield, you know we love our fur babies whether they bark or meow. And we’ve been giving tips on how to best take care of […]

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