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Healthy Treats For Your Pup

You know that look. The “I want treats” look. The nose starts twitching, and the pouty eyes begin begging. It’s hard to say no to your fur baby, isn’t it? It’s natural to want to spoil them with yummy treats, but in the long run, it’s not ideal for their health. But luckily there are healthy […]

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Pet Service Apps That Make Life Easier

Being a pet owner can sometimes be no easy feat. Most of us have to leave our precious fur babies home every day while we work. Not only is it hard on our pets (especially pups), but it’s also hard on us. The guilt, right? If you’re an apartment dweller you may not have adequate […]

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3 Charities That Benefit Pets

It’s no secret that here at Fairfield Residential we’re huge pet lovers. We consider these furry creatures our family and that’s why we’re so devoted to making your fur baby’s home the best it can be. But what about the kitties and pups that don’t have a home to live in? As much as we’d […]

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How to Camp with Your Pet

Camping is made so much better with man’s best friend, right? There’s no one who will appreciate the great outdoors more than your dog, or if you’re lucky, your cat too! Getting out in the middle of nowhere and letting your dog run free sounds ideal. While that is possible if you know the right spots to […]

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How to Protect Your Pet From Fleas

When it comes to pets, there might not be another issue that makes a fur parent’s skin crawl like the one we’re about to discuss. Yup, we’re talking about fleas. Those bugs that not only drive your pet crazy but us humans as well. Flea infestations are one of our worst nightmares as pet owners. […]

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Take A State Park Road Trip With Your Pup

Road trips are always more fun when your dog is able to come along. At Fairfield Residential, our pets are family. If they can go on vacation with us, we’re taking them! What’s more fun for your pup than exploring new outdoor landscapes such as trails and campgrounds? For that very reason, we’ve gathered a list […]

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