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A Day at The Views at Harbortown Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida

Imagine waking up in your dream apartment. What will your day look like? Let me paint you a picture.

You climb out of bed and open the curtains, taking a deep breath and drinking in the view of the harbor and marina. It’s another bright, sunny day in Jacksonville, Florida, perfect for a little sailing. It also looks like an awesome day to go swimming and tanning.

You get on your swim gear and are about to head out and remember to take out the trash on your way down to the resort-style swimming pools. You drop off the trash outside your door as you lock it. It’s awesome how there’s scheduled valet trash, where it’s simply picked up right outside your door, and you don’t have to drag it down to the bins.

ViewsAtHarbortown Jacksonville, FL kitdin

You make your way to the pools and drop your things off at one of the cabanas before you hop in. The cooling waters embrace you like a refreshing hug, and you swim around for a bit before climbing out. After you dry off, you head back up to your apartment to make a lunch of a pastrami-roast beef sandwich with a side of steamed veggies.

The Views at Harbortown Jacksonville, FL

You set your phone on the granite countertop kitchen island and take out the items you need to make lunch. You have a roomy refrigerator, and you easily pick out the ingredients you need, then grab a pot for the veggies from the custom-styled cabinets. You finish making lunch and remember you need to do laundry, so before settling down you throw in your clothes in your washer. Life is so much easier when you have in-unit washer and dryers.

The Views at Harbortown

You head into your living room and turn on the latest episode of Modern Family. You settle down on your plush couch and take a bite out of your Panini, sketching out the rest of your day in your mind: a run around the marina, maybe a little billiards in the clubhouse with your neighbor, and then dinner on your boat.

Yup, life is pretty great. And it could be yours. Find us here at The Views at Harbortown Apartments, and make your life great, too.

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