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A Day at The Hawthorne at Gillette Ridge Apartments in Bloomfield, CT

In today’s “Life at…” series, we take you into a little town in Connecticut where our cozy Hawthorne at Gillette Ridge Apartments are waiting for you to call it home. Sit back, relax, and imagine this…

Hawthorne At Gillette Ridge Fairfield Residential

You take a deep breath of fresh air, open your eyes and look around you. You see runners on their daily jog and hear birds chirping on their merry way. You finish off your last bite of the meal you made at home with the new stainless steel appliances that the apartment complex recently added, then crumple the bag and toss it in the trash. Bushnell Park is one of your favorite places to eat lunch at, and luckily only 15 minutes away from home.

You take out Wild by Cheryl Strayed, another awesome read on your traveling book list, open to the page you left off, and let your mind drift into the world of incredible hiking and traveling.

Hawthorne At Gillette Ridge Fairfield Residential

You check your phone. Wow, two hours have flown by so quickly. You get up and head to your car to head home to get ready for the night. You and your date are going to grab drinks at a local bar before heading to see a musical at The Hartford Stage tonight. It’s pretty awesome you live near so many prestigious colleges like UConn and University of Hartford, which gives Hartford a total college-town feel. Translation: more people, more dates, more fun.

Speaking of fun, you’re super stoked about this upcoming weekend you’re going to spend in Boston with a few friends. It’s great that you’re only a couple hours away from both Boston and New York, which make weekend getaways easy. Wanderlust is pretty cool.

Hawthorne At Gillette Ridge Fairfield Residential

As you walk into your apartment, you remember you didn’t clean up the kitchen after making lunch, so you quickly wash the dishes and wipe down the stainless steel appliances. On your way to your room you notice you left out a golf club and pick it up to put it away. You make a mental note to hit up your bud for some golfing sometime soon at the nearby Gillette Ridge Golf Course 3 minutes away.

Hawthorne At Gillette Ridge Fairfield Residential

After putting on a little Michael Buble, you walk into your spacious walk-in closet to decide on an outfit, and then head to the bathroom to shower and get ready. Yeah, life is pretty enjoyable here.

And it could be yours. Find us here at The Hawthorne at Gillette Ridge Apartments. Your home is waiting.

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