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Green Living at Fairfield Residential

Our Green Living Program here at Fairfield Residential is hugely important to us. In celebration of Earth Day, we’re highlighting the eco initiatives you can come to expect from our Living Green communities. Water – Between engineering low water techniques, water recycling for outdoor irrigation, and analyzing water use, we’ve been able to significantly reduce water […]

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Delish Summer Mocktail Ideas

Don’t drink, but want to join in on the fun with friends that do? Then the “mocktail” is perfect for you! And trust us, some of these mocktails sound way more appealing than any alcoholic beverage. The great thing about mocktails is they come in a variety of different blends and flavors and the combinations […]

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3 Best Apps to Achieve That Fit Summer Body

Time to put away the sweatpants, summer is almost here. If you dreading summer season because you’re not feeling fit, have no fear. Most of us are in the same boat! But there’s no better time than the present to get started since summer officially starts this month. And you don’t even need a gym […]

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Essential Flea Season Hacks

A common nightmare for every pet owner is going about your day in your nice clean apartment, only to find a flea pop up from out of nowhere. You thought your place was free of fleas and then all of a sudden it becomes apparent you’ve got a problem. It may not be a major flea […]

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Simple Ways to Make Mama Happy This Mother’s Day

Stuck on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Where do you even start when you are trying to impress the most important lady in your life? No hardworking mom is going to say no to jewelry, flowers or chocolate, but how do you go above and beyond? Depending on where your Mom is at […]

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3 Life Changing Tidy Tips for Your Apartment

Let’s be honest…who doesn’t want a tidy apartment? Sure, some of us don’t like to clean and we totally understand that. Luckily you can still keep your apartment nice and put together without having to do much cleaning. And if you are a neat freak (nothing wrong with that), we have tips for you too! The […]

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Best Spring Desserts for 2019

It’s time to have some fun and break out everything pastel for April, including desserts. With spring holidays and family gatherings coming up you’ll want to surprise your guests with some pretty and bright desserts. Fresh fruits and berries are ideal for spring desserts, along with a splash of lemon. Carrot cakes will be voted […]

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Curtain Options for Your Apartment

In a world full of blinds, sometimes it’s nice to go the extra mile with adding drapes or curtains to your apartment. It gives a certain dramatic flair to your home. While most renters opt to just stick with blinds (which is totally fine!), if you would like to add curtains to your apartment, there […]

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