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The Aliso in The Arts District Los Angeles

Interested in making the urban paradise of Downtown Los Angeles your new home? Fairfield Residential new community, The Aliso, is scheduled for a summer 2018 opening in the heart of DTLA. Just featured in urbanize.LA, we’re excited about not only the state of the art community, but also the growing vibrant area that is the Arts District […]

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 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Did you know that some plants and flowers are toxic to cats? Being the curious creatures that they are, cats can sometimes make themselves sick by munching on various plants around the house. It’s still a mystery why these little carnivores like to snack on grass and other plants. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure […]

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5 Pet Adoption Tips

To celebrate Pup Culture here at Fairfield Residential, we want to bring you some solid tips that will first, help you decide whether you’re ready to adopt a new fur baby and second, will make the process much more clear and simple. If this is your first time adopting a pet, read our tips below! […]

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How to Incorporate Pastels into Your Apartment Decor

‘Tis spring and the one thing that pops in everyone’s mind when thinking of this cheerful season are pretty pastels. If you’re over winter and are eager to spruce up your apartment decor with some uplifting pieces, these gorgeous colors are a good way to start. Whether you’re incorporating pastels via art, furniture, decor or accessories […]

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How to Twin with Your Pet

Have you heard of the new human and pet twinning phenomena? Prepare to be blown away. Yes, it’s now common practice that humans are dressing to match their dogs and cats…and it’s only getting more and more popular. Thanks to the iconic Instagram human/dog duo Topher Brophy and Rosenberg the Dog (styled by The Dog Styler) […]

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Stylish Rain Gear for April Showers

We’re just one season away from warm weather with the beginning of spring. But we don’t mind a little rain! Rain means snow season is almost over. It means flowers are in bloom and it means we get to wear stylish rain gear. If you’re tired of your current raincoat situation, there are plenty of options […]

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Apartment Decor: Minimalist Furniture Ideas

Minimalism has made a comeback in the last decade. Minimalism means different things to different folks. Some believe true minimalism requires you to own less than 100 things total. We’re not quite that hard core! Minimalism can simply mean cutting out the clutter in your life with a more minimalist approach to decor. Picture less pieces […]

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9 Adorable DIY Pet Hacks

We’ll do almost anything for our pets, right? If you’re more on the creative side, instead of running out to the pet store (or ordering on Amazon!) for all your pet supplies, toys and treats, thanks to the internet you can easily find out how to make your own DIY versions or hacks. There are […]

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