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The Aliso in The Arts District Los Angeles

Interested in making the urban paradise of Downtown Los Angeles your new home? Fairfield Residential new community, The Aliso, is scheduled for a summer 2018 opening in the heart of DTLA. Just featured in urbanize.LA, we’re excited about not only the state of the art community, but also the growing vibrant area that is the Arts District […]

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5 Spots for Cool Craft Cocktails in Phoenix

With the hot dry weather of Phoenix, there’s nothing better than an ice-cold drink. Even better? A cocktail if you so, please. Escape the sun for a bit or find a cool drink at twilight to take the edge off the evening heat. If you’re a fan of creative craft cocktails, we’ve gathered some of […]

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Healthy Treats For Your Pup

You know that look. The “I want treats” look. The nose starts twitching, and the pouty eyes begin begging. It’s hard to say no to your fur baby, isn’t it? It’s natural to want to spoil them with yummy treats, but in the long run, it’s not ideal for their health. But luckily there are healthy […]

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Best Brunch N’ Brekky in Atlanta, GA

To celebrate the opening of one of our newest properties, Platform Apartments in Atlanta, we wanted to share some of our favorite breakfast spots in Atlanta. There’s certainly no shortage of amazing, unique and absolutely delicious places to get a traditional or non-traditional breakfast or brunch. Read on for the best local breakfast spots and […]

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9 Salads to Try This Summer

Now is the time of the year to really enjoy fresh veggies and fruit. The weather is finally getting warmer, perhaps you can eat outside, or maybe there’s an amazing farmer’s market near you. Say hello to yummy raw and fresh salads for summer. We all know we’re supposed to be eating more greens and […]

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Subscription Boxes for Father’s Day 2018

Not sure what to get dad this year? Why not give him the gift that keeps on giving? That’s right, the subscription box. Dad may not be familiar with this new phenomenon, but he’ll be sure to like it. Whether he needs new clothes (and doesn’t know it), grooming supplies, loves camping or just being manly, […]

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11 Amazing Pots for Apartment Plants

It’s not just about the plant, right? It’s sooo about the pot too. When it comes to indoor plants, picking out pots is just as much fun if not more fun. Sure, you can go for the standard adobe pot (which we agree, always looks nice), but pots are a great way to add to the theme of […]

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Guide To The Best Summer Produce

One of the best things about summer is being able to take advantage of all the fresh produce that’s in season. Doesn’t it seem like there’s so much more to eat once summer rolls around? If you prefer buying your produce from local farmer’s markets then you’ll need to know what’s in season to get […]

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