A note from Fairfield Residential about COVID-19


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A Message from Fairfield Residential Regarding COVID-19

UPDATED 9/14/2020 As always, our residents, prospective residents, and associates continue to be our top priority. The great news is that we’re now working through a strategic re-opening of our communities – including accepting visitors in to our leasing offices. The global pandemic has established new norms for all of us. In order to continue minimizing […]

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National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Did you know that how you organize your refrigerator will affect it’s overall performance? For instance the temperature of your fridge is often affected by how much food is in your fridge and where it’s placed, or even if your fridge is clean. Can’t remember the last time you cleaned your fridge? Well there’s no […]

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World Kindness Day

This year, it seems more important than ever to celebrate the little things in order to stay optimistic. Which is why Fairfield Residential was excited to take initiative and celebrate World Kindness Day today, Friday, November 13th. World Kindness day is a global day that promotes the importance of being kind to each other, yourself […]

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National Happy Hour Day: Homemade Cocktails

Enjoy a homemade cocktail this National Happy Hour Day on November 12th! We cover all the basis with some cult favorite recipes, let’s check ’em out! Berry Cocktail – Try the Sugar Free Berry Vodka Cocktail with vodka, fresh berries, and fresh lemon juice. Rum Cocktail – Try a Classic Mojito with rum, fresh mint, […]

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Veteran’s Day 2020

Give your support for Veteran’s Day this year! Each year Veteran’s Day is a chance for American residents to pay their respects to those that serve our country. This year’s official theme for Veteran’s Day is “Vision: Veterans in Focus.”  “Looking back on centuries of Veterans’ service and sacrifice and what we have learned from […]

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International Accounting Day: Setting A Household Budget

Struggling with a household budget? Why not let International Accounting Day on November 10th inspire you to set one up? Budgets can often times seem like a huge hurdle. There’s a million reasons to procrastinate when it comes to setting up a budget, but once you do, trust us, you’ll feel better! Why set up […]

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How to Store Your Face Masks

Things to grab while heading out the door: keys, phone, and a face mask! Unfortunately, face masks will definitely be known as the “it” accessory of 2020. They’ve become an essential part of our everyday lives, so we’ve had to buy multiple, incorporate our cloth masks into our laundry cycles, and find places to store […]

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Necessities for a New Apartment

Whenever you move you might find yourself needing new essentials. Maybe you got rid of some old furniture or lost some stuff in the move. Or maybe you just want a fresh start with some new things. To make things easy for your move, here are a list of necessities you’ll need for your new […]

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