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Which Home Coffee Maker is Right for You?

Coffee. Most of us can’t live without it. The hot cup of joe is what helps us come alive in the morning. Without it, we don’t even want to think about what type of mood we’ll be in!

Some folks enjoy going to their favorite coffee shop first thing in the morning to get their fix. Others insist on a homebrew as soon as they wake up. For those that love to brew their own coffee, there’s a ton of gadgets out there to get the best brew you can. Some prefer high-tech that will produce a cup with a push of a button. Others prefer participating in the process of creating the most potent cup of coffee possible.

One thing is for sure…coffee enthusiasts have varying opinions on what the best method is. You might have to experiment to find what makes your ideal cup of coffee. Lucky for you, in this post, we break down the different types of coffee makers and their benefits. From there you can decide which one works best for your morning brew!


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Which Home Coffee Maker is Right for You?

Automatic Drip Coffee – When you think of your typical coffee maker you’re thinking of the traditional drip coffee machine. Usually automatic, you just throw some ground coffee in a filter, add water, press the brew button and voila, you’ll have a decent pot of coffee brewed within minutes. You’ll see these types everywhere; in homes, offices, and restaurants. Ideal for those that like to have more than one cup in the morning.

AeroPress – If you’re looking for a quick and smooth brew, but don’t want to deal with anything that requires “plugging in” then check out the AeroPress coffee maker. Brews a cup of joe within 30 to 60 seconds. Did we mention it’s portable? Some folks also claim that this process produces a less acidic version of coffee. Plus the AeroPress is pretty inexpensive, which makes this a general winner.

Pour-over – Coffee enthusiasts often prefer the pour-over method for their morning coffee. Why? Because with a pour-over coffee maker you are in control of how much water is used plus the technique, often resulting in the best tasting cup or customizing it to your particular taste buds. And if you love the science of coffee, then the pour-over your ideal coffee maker.

French Press – Like the pour-over, this method is often preferred by coffee enthusiasts who are looking for a more customized or stronger cup of coffee. With the French press, you literally press the water out of the grounds, no filter needed. Often French press coffee makers are stylish as well if you’re looking for something less bulky to have in your kitchen.

Percolator – If you crave a rich and strong cup of coffee in the morning, you might want to go with a percolator. Some people claim that because the water is so hot when it hits the grounds it can reduce the quality of the coffee, but make no mistake, the percolator has its enthusiasts who insist it makes an ideal robust cup of joe.

Pod Brewer – Don’t have time to fuss over coffee in the morning, but need your fix quick and easy? You’ll want to go with a pod brewer that will produce a cup of coffee within seconds. Just pop in a pod plus an empty cup and you’ll be good to go. Can range from inexpensive to more expensive and high-tech.


Which Home Coffee Maker is Right for You_

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