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Packing presents in a car to leave for the holidays

Prepare Your Apartment For Holiday Travel

We truly believe there’s no place like home for the holidays (especially if you live in one of our beautiful communities.) But if you’re traveling this winter, follow these helpful tips to prepare your apartment for holiday travel and make leaving home — and returning — as stress-free as possible.

Before You Leave Home for the Holidays, Prepare Your Apartment

1. Leave a light on. No one wants to come home to a dark apartment after long travel. Better yet, put a light on a timer!

2. Clean out your refrigerator. Anything that is expired — or will expire while you are gone — should be thrown away.

3. Take out the trash. If trash is not removed, it could attract bugs or create an unpleasant smell. No one wants to return to a stinky home!

4. Make sure all windows and doors are locked.

5. Close your blinds.

6. If you are leaving your car behind while you travel, remove all valuables and be sure to lock it properly.

7. Turn off and unplug all of your nonessential electronics. You’ll save electricity and prevent fire hazards!

8. Check your mail so it does not overflow during the holidays. If you will be away for more than a couple of days, put your mail on hold with the post office.

9. Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for packages that might be delivered to your door while you are gone.

Extra Tips for Cold Weather

10. Leave faucets dripping to ensure the pipes do not burst in case the temperature drops below freezing.

11. Leave your heat on with the thermostat set no lower than 68 degrees.

Travel safely and enjoy the holidays!

Leaving home for the holidays checklist.
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