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Fall design touches for the home

Fall Design Touches To Add To Your Apartment

The changing of seasons is the perfect opportunity to refresh your décor. With cooler temps and shorter days, fall truly has it’s own vibe. That’s why we tapped Fairfield’s Regional Interior Design Manager Emily Herrera and her team for tips on how to add cozy, fall design elements into your apartment quickly and easily.

6 Ways To Include Fall Design Elements

Embrace Autumn Imagery 

Use autumn imagery when accessorizing your spaces to evoke the feeling of fall. Pumpkins, gourds, acorns, and leaves are fall’s signature natural elements, or you can evoke those shapes through textile prints. Consider this type of imagery for accents around your home such as curtains, dish towels, doormats, throw pillows, and/or table placemats. You can make a big impact with small changes!

Use Blankets to Create a Cozy Fall Atmosphere

Stack, drape, or pile autumn blankets to create instant fall vibes. The simple act of having cozy blankets visible will help you mark the changing of the seasons. Look specifically for soft fabrics like wool, tartan and plaid, faux fur, velvet, and heavy knits or weaves. Use earth tones to capture even more fall essence.

Cozy blanket and throw pillows on couch.
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Add a Sensory Element

Creating that cozy fall design feeling doesn’t always have to be visual! Enhance the feeling of fall with scents like pumpkin, apple, pine, or cedar. You could use candles or melt scented wax. For even stronger atmosphere, use pine or cedar wood in your fireplace. In the kitchen, try boiling cinnamon sticks, orange and/or lemon peels, and cloves for a natural way to bring a fall scent to your home. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations to create your own signature Fall scent! We love including fall staples like fresh ginger, pine, rosemary, star anise, cardamom pods, and whole cranberries.

It’s All About the Pumpkins

Nothing says “fall” quite like a pumpkin. This fall staple comes in every kind of aesthetic imaginable, so whether you want an elegant neutral look or the classic autumn orange, pumpkins have you covered. Have fun playing with scale, color, and texture!

Fall designed table-scape with pumpkins.
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Center Pieces and Vase Filler

Liven up dining tables, coffee tables, and side tables with center pieces and vases. Add autumn inspired vase filler (pumpkins, gourds, leaves, acorns) for seasonal charm. Collect fall leaves and acorns or make your own dried flowers (simple hang them upside down until fully dried out) and tuck them into your table scape.

Use household items such as Tupperware underneath table runners to add hidden height when stacking pumpkins and gourds in pretty clusters. Or place simple candle votives in mason jars and then wrap the tops with straw, yarn or ribbon to add to your table scape.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

Start the fall design feelings as soon as you approach your house by adding décor to your homes exterior. Hang a fall wreath on your front door. Add a few pots of mums, crotons or fall flowers in container gardens. And seasonal door mats are always a welcoming sight.

Front door decorated with fall wreath and pumpkins.
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About Emily Herrera

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Emily Herrera has more than 16 years in the design industry under her belt. She credits her background in hotel design for her approach to luxury living as she helps develop design stories for Fairfield communities. Even in her personal life she never tires of home renovations. She’s also a modern abstract painter who loves to create custom pieces for clients, friends, and family.

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