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9 basic tools every apartment needs

9 Basic Tools Every Apartment Needs

June 17, 2022

When we polled Fairfield dad's for their best fatherly advice about apartment living to share for Father's Day, the answer was almost always the same: tools. So, in honor of dad's everywhere, we created this handy guide to the 9 basic tools that every apartment needs... 10 if you count the tool box to store everything in! Whether you're in your first apartment or your hundredth, having basic tools on hand can save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration.

9 basic tools for every apartment

9 Basic Tools Every Apartment Needs

1. Hammer

From hanging pictures to closing paint cans to building furniture, a hammer comes in handy more often than you might think.

2. Screwdrivers

Screws come in two main types, so you'll want at least one Phillips-head and one flathead to cover the basics. Go for a small-to-medium size to start.

3. Needle-nose Pliers

This versatile tool is great for grasping and manipulating wires. In the craft world, it's a must-have for jewelry enthusiasts! Take it to the next level by adding tongue-and-groove, diagonal-cutting, and slip-joint pliers to your kit. The different edges offer support for different areas of reach.

4. Tape Measure

Want to hang a photo in the center of your couch? Measure it. Want to know if something will fit through the doorway? Measure it. With a tape measure and a little math, there are a million things you can accomplish in your apartment.

5. Flashlight

It's part tool for helping you see in dark spaces behind appliances and part emergency kit preparedness essential. Give yourself some bonus points if you keep spare batteries in the kit, too.

6. Utility Knife

At the very least, you'll have a handy tool to make opening package deliveries quick and easy.

7. Allen Wrench Set

Also called "hex keys", a set of these tools in various sizes can help tighten hexagonal bolts.

8. Duct Tape

There's no more versatile tool to keep in your arsenal. Like Dad always says "duct tape can fix anything".

9. Adjustable Crescent Wrench

The open crescent shape and adjustable size means this tool can assist with a variety of bolts that may need tightening.

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