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Tips to add color to your apartment from a designer

7 Ways To Add Color To Your Apartment

It’s no wonder that many people are afraid of straying from neutrals; there’s certainly an art to adding color to your space. Add too much and you’ll create an eye sore. Don’t add any and your space might be devoid of interest. Thankfully, Fairfield has incredible resources like Regional Interior Design Manager Emily Herrera! Below she shares her favorite ways you can add color to your apartment so you can spruce up your home like a design pro.

Add Color To Your Apartment With These Easy Updates

1. Removable Wallpaper

There are so many great removable wallpaper resources out there. Its easy to find something wonderful that can add both color and pattern to your space without damaging the walls. Small walls covered in a bold print can make an unexpected impact. Yep, pattern can also be seen as added “color!” Bold prints or graphics — even in black and white — can be impactful when it comes to adding color to your apartment.

Temporary Wallpaper and Tiles Perfect for Renters

2. Ottomans

Small ottomans tucked in the corner or underneath a coffee table can not only add extra seating but bring in an accent colors without overwhelming your space. Bonus points if the ottoman also provides storage.

3. Throw Pillows And Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are a quick and easy way to add pops of color to a simple palette. Layer throw blankets on chairs, sofas, and beds to help build layers of texture and color to your space. These easily interchanged additions will make the whole space feel more put together and add a nice cozy feel.

designecologist unsplash
Designecologist, Unsplash

4. Curtains

There are many apartment-friendly ways to hang curtains, making this an easy option for adding color to your space. The selection of colors and patterns available are nearly endless.

5. Art And Books

Art can make a big statement without breaking the bank. It can be simple or complex, based on the effect you are trying to achieve. If you aren’t scared to try it (and there’s no reason to be!), go buy a canvas and create something that is uniquely yours.

Books on display can also function as art. One designer trick is to purchase all the books in a space the same color shades. Booksbythefoot.com is a favorite shop because you can specify one color (shades of blue for example). Then fill bookshelves, coffee tables, etc., with all the same color family for an eye catching pop of added color. If you want to avoid buying new items, consider organizing your existing book collection by color. 

Another idea for a unique effect is to turn the books around so that the pages face out. Or, if you want to go all out, wrap your books in wrapping paper to give them a consistent feel with added color. 

Organized booked by color on a bookshelf
Vladimir Mokry, Unsplash

6. Paint Existing Furniture

Take furniture you already have and give it an upgrade — and give your apartment a pop of color — with a fresh coat of paint! Painting night stands or side tables a bright color can breathe new life into an old piece of furniture while creating visual interest. Consider shopping consignment or yard sales for unique pieces that can be painted. 

7. Plants And Flowers

Plants are an amazing way to bring color and life into your space. Layering different plants in colorful pots and baskets not only gives you a fresh feel but adds color. You can also choose colorful plants! Great indoor plants such as Bromeliads have red, green, and ivory leaves. Croton’s are vibrant with red, orange, and yellow mixed in with their green leaves, and Dracena have long purple leaves. 

huy phan unsplash
Huy Phan, Unsplash

About Emily Herrera

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Emily Herrera has more than 16 years in the design industry under her belt. She credits her background in hotel design for her approach to luxury living as she helps develop design stories for Fairfield communities. Even in her personal life she never tires of home renovations. She’s also a modern abstract painter who loves to create custom pieces for clients, friends, and family.

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