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Your Checklist for a Healthy Fur Baby

Your Checklist for a Healthy Fur Baby

Having a sick pet is one of the most stressful situations to deal with at home. Not only do they not have the ability to tell you what is wrong or how they feel, but vet bills can also be very expensive. Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that your pet won’t get sick, but there are definitely ways to keep them healthy and happy by doing some simple things at home and on an annual basis.

Your Checklist for a Healthy Fur Baby

Photo by JC Gellidon via Unsplash.

Regular Vet Check Ups and Shots – One of the best things you can do for your pet is take them for their regular check up to make sure their vital signs are doing well. The vet will also be able to check out their teeth in case they need a cleaning. They can also check for signs of fleas or parasites.

Prevent Fleas and Parasites – Nowadays there are plenty of preventative medications to prevent fleas and parasites such as  heart worm common in many pets. Most medications just require a monthly topical application and can make a huge difference in preventing fleas. The alternative is that your pet is constantly scratching for fleas or often times get skin irritations. These medications are definitely the pet owners choice to use, but are highly recommended by most vets to prevent your pet from feeling uncomfortable.

Healthy Food and Treats – Feeding your dog or cat the right type of food can make a huge positive impact on their health. Ask your vet for reputable brands of pet food, or do your own research for more health oriented pet brands. For cats, try to stay away from brands that use grains in their food and generally wet food seems to be the food of choice for felines. It’s also best to feed your pets at certain times of the day instead of leaving food out for them at all times. Pets can easily gain weight if they have frequent access to food.

Regular Activity – We know it’s hard to give your dog the activity it needs during the day while you’re at work. For dogs, staying in an apartment all day can be a strain on their health. There are ways to get around this. Have a dog walker come over for walks while you’re at work so that they can get some mid-day exercise and release pent up tension. If you have an especially active dog, it may be in their best interest to have them at a doggie day care while you work. Indoor cats also need some time releasing energy and the best way to do that is play with them each day, preferably morning and night.

Sleeping Space – Giving your pet its own secure sleeping space is essential, more so for dogs than cats. Cats tend to lounge wherever they please. However if you do have an especially sensitive cat, you may want to give them their own little bed or blanket to snuggle up on. For dogs, most of the time you probably don’t want them on the couch or in your bed, depending on their size. That’s why their own comfy bed on the floor comes in super handy.

These four things are not only essential to a pet’s health, but more so their well-being. Pets, just like humans, can get anxious or depressed, which eventually can effect their health. Feeling comfortable, getting good food, regular activity and of course, a cozy place to sleep will put them at ease, make them feel at home and in turn, keep them healthy for years to come.

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