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World Teachers Day

World Teachers Day

This World Teacher’s Day on October 5th we’d like to take a moment to celebrate what it means to be a teacher in 2020! Unlike any other year we’ve experienced in our lifetime, being a teacher has taken on a whole new meaning. That goes for parents, siblings and of our course, our school teachers.

School teachers are in a tough predicament on how to effectively teach virtually. It’s not easy putting together a teaching plan when you can’t see your students in person, and on top of that keeping your students motivated and on track. We’d like to give our teachers a huge thanks for all of the work they’ve put into making this year extra special despite these hard times.

Parents have had to take on the roll of not just being a parent and working professional, but also as a teacher, principle, guidance counselor and tutor! We’d like to acknowledge all the parents working from home and making sure their kids are staying on track with school. Not to mention the parents who don’t have the luxury to work from home, who are also making sure their kids are getting a virtual education. Not an easy feat!

If a parent has to work outside the home during the pandemic and can’t be at home with their kids, the responsibilities of making sure their kids are staying on track are often falling on siblings, grandparents and other family members. For that reason, we’d like to acknowledge everyone who helps to make the virtual learning process work this World Teachers Day.

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