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What’s the Best Time of the Year to Rent An Apartment?

What’s the Best Time of the Year to Rent An Apartment?

We often get asked this question: What’s the best time of the year to rent an apartment? The answer is we’re just about there! Late fall and winter definitely have their perks when it comes to renting. Let’s check out all the rental benefits you’ll be receiving during this time of year.

More Specials – The bottom line about moving during the winter? It’s a slow time for apartment communities so most will usually have some sort of special going on to entice renters. This means you can get a great deal that probably wouldn’t be available any other time of the year.

Less Competition – One of the most stressful things about moving is wondering if you’ll get the apartment that you want, or if it will go to someone else. Since winter is the slowest time of the year for rentals due to the holidays and weather, you can usually snag that coveted apartment you’ve applied for.

You Don’t Have to Move in the Heat – Packing and moving can be very physical, and unless you can afford to have movers come in and pack up your items, chances are you’ll be doing all of that yourself. And that’s no fun in the heat. Even if it’s chilly outside, you’ll be all warmed up from running around so the cold will probably have less of a physical effect on you, which is much easier than feeling like you’re on the verge of heat stroke.

Moving Companies Are More Available – With less competition when it comes to rentals, that also means less competition when it comes to actually scheduling your move. During winter you’ll be able to pick the optimal day for you instead of having to switch around your schedule for when the movers are available.

Discounts on Home Decor During the Holidays – Around the end of the year stores are trying to unload everything before they get their new collections, which means sales galore. It’s a great time to shop for home decor for your new place, plus save on furniture.

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