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What your favorite cheese says about YOU!

What your favorite cheese says about YOU!

Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! If you’re a cheese lover like all of us here at Fairfield are, you most likely have a variety of cheeses you’re happy to indulge in. However, there is always that one special cheese that calls out to you from the accoutrements platter. So what does your one special cheese say about you?

Brie: You love to enjoy the finer things in life, whether it be a gourmet cheese or a smooth, creamy leather handbag – but you don’t want to deal with a hefty price tag. You know you can live it up without spending it all.

Blue Cheese: You like to take risks, but you know just when to stop before you take them too far. You’re not into the plain and ordinary – you like to live life with a little twist.

Cheddar: You generally stay inside the lines, but every once in a while, you like to spice things up with a subtle dose of edginess. You love that extra little kick that makes each day a little different than the last.

American: You aren’t one for fluff or fanfare. You like things simple, whether it be your food or life itself.

Goat: Sweet and gentle, you don’t like to upset the balance, whether it be in a group of people or at work. You like some extra flavor in life but generally like to keep things cool and calm.

Tell us – what’s your favorite cheese? Do you match your “cheese personality”?

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