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What to Look for in Eco Friendly Sheets

April 9, 2019

It’s something we never used to think about, but in 2019 eco-friendly sheets are becoming more and more common. Everything is getting an eco-friendly makeover whether it be clothing, cars, or even home decor. Even though sheets, pillows, and bed sets are primarily chosen for how they look or their thread count, nowadays they’re also considered a health related product. Why? Because we spend 8 hours a night in close contact with our sheets and pillows, which means ideally they’re free of harmful chemicals and carcinogenic dyes. However, most of the time this isn’t the case, which means we have to do our own research to find top quality brands.

What to Look for in Eco Friendly Sheets

Photo by Yasmine Boheas via Unsplash.

Here are the top things to look out for when choosing eco-friendly sheets:

GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) recognizes requirements on everything involving textiles – from the harvesting of raw fibers to the finished product. When you’re looking for new sheets, keep an eye out for this standard.

Non GMO – Usually when we think of GMOs, we think of them affecting the food we eat. In reality, they affect so much more, including the clothes we wear and what we rest our head on at night. Since sheets are usually made from natural fibers, you’ll want to check that your sheets are GMO free as well.

Organic – Just like GMOs, the term “organic” is usually thought of having to do with food, but it also affects our sheets. Organic sheets are free of toxic pesticides and herbicides.

Sustainable Fibers – If you can get your hands on organic cotton sheets, that’s great! If you want to take it a step further, another option is to buy sheets that are made of more sustainable and longer lasting fibers such as hemp or bamboo.

Dyes – Another thing to think about is what your sheets are dyed with. Azo dyes are considered carcinogenic, but there are other alternatives such as botanical dyes made from organic ingredients like produce, flowers and plants. 

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