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What Can be Recycled in Your Apartment

At Fairfield, we believe in sustainability and doing the right thing for the planet. That’s why we created our Living Green program and make it easy for our residents to contribute to sustainability without having to make a special effort. Under Living Green, we’re also proud to use recycled paper products in our offices and offer community-wide recycling. What can be recycled in your community? Follow our handy infographic for the can’s and cannot’s of recycling.

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What Can Be Recycled?

Even with our Living Green program in place at your community, it doesn’t hurt to try and make some changes at home. The better you sort your recycling, the better it is for our planet! There are many misconceptions on what can be recycled and we’re here to help clarify.

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Glass and Plastic Bottles and Containers

Clean, empty plastic and glass bottles and containers are ready to be recycled. Put any caps or lids back on before tossing in the recycle bin.

Flattened Cardboard and Paperboard

Break down those online shopping boxes before recycling them. Yes, you can recycle pizza boxes, too! Just make sure they don’t have any leftover crusts or cheese hanging around.


The recycle bin is the perfect place for that unwanted junk mail.

Food and Beverage Cans and Containers

Think milk cartons, egg crates, cereal boxes. Just like plastic bottles and containers, it’s important for these to be empty and clean.

What Cannot Be Recycled?

It’s easy to make the mistake of recycling everything, that actually makes it harder to separate the items that actually do belong. Our goal is to help streamline the recycling process to make it easier to recycle the items that can be recycled, and therefore more efficient. Do your part by simply NOT recycling the following items.

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Plastic Bags, Films, and Cups with Coatings

Cereal boxes, yes. The bag inside the cereal box, no. Loose plastic like bags and cellophane can get stuck in the sorting machines, so keep these items out of your recycle bin. Try reusing plastic grocery or shopping bags on your next trip to the grocery store or at home as trash can liners.

Household Items

Household items in good condition can be given new life through local charities like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Items in poor condition should go in the regular garbage.

Garage Waste

Electronics, paints, and other hazardous materials must be taken to specific electronic or hazardous waste recycling facilities. Do not combine these with your regular recyclables.

Flexible Packaging and Polystyrene Foam

Flexible packaging is composed of so many different materials. That’s why it can’t be recycled. Foam, on the other hand, is too porous. Because of that, it’s too difficult to remove any contaminants.

Medical Waste and Diapers

Medical items can never be recycled because of the potential health risks. Dispose of disposable diapers in the garbage. No exceptions.

*Recyclable items may vary based on your location. Check local programs to find out what is recyclable in your area.

What Can Be Recycled Infographic

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