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5 Ways to Have Fun in Traffic Jams this Labor Day Weekend

September 1, 2022

Imagine this: You wake up, get ready, grab a healthy breakfast, and are ready to hit the road. You’re driving out of your neighborhood, and are suddenly surrounded by cars everywhere, all stuck in place like time has stopped. That's right, TRAFFIC. *DUN DUN DUN* Don't let road congestion get you down this Labor Day weekend. Make the most of your time with these 5 ways to have fun in traffic jams.

5 Ways to Have Fun in Traffic

1. Have a private concert.

Channel your inner rock star and air drum that wheel like it was made for drumming. You don't need a microphone to be the star of your own car concert.

2. Learn a language. 

There are a ton of audio programs that can teach you a language without you ever having to crack a book, which makes them perfect for the car. Plus, challenging your brain will help you forget how annoying traffic is.

3. Listen to an audiobook or podcast.

Immerse yourself in a story that will mentally take you away from the boredom of traffic. 

4. Make a hands-free call.

Catch mom or dad up on your life or find out what your best friend is up to. In a world full of texts, emails, and emojis, hearing someone's voice can really brighten your day.

5. Meditate and relax.

We spend so much time constantly on the go and worrying about the next thing that we sometimes forget to take a moment to take it all in and appreciate the happiness we have in our lives. Add in a few breathing exercises while you’re at it, and consider traffic the gift of time. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road.

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