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Ultimate Cinco de Mayo at Home Guide

While going to a Mexican restaurant or bar with friends is usually the go-to plan for Cinco de Mayo, all the hype around bars reopening in some areas might mean big crowds and long waits. If you’re looking to hang on to at-home celebrations for a little longer, we’ve got you covered with ideas for Cinco de Mayo at home. Invite a couple of friends over, eat good food, have some fun drinks, and enjoy catching up with people you may not have seen in a while! Here’s your guide to Cinco de Mayo — minus the bar crowds.


Not sure where to go for fiesta-themed décor? Our picks for the best places for easy décor are the Target party section and your local dollar store. These may not be one-of-a-kind pieces, but, realistically, some small decorations are enough to get the vibe right.


Llama Party Banner – Spritz™


Mini Donkey Pinata – Spritz™


Avocado Disposable Paper Plates


Cactus Shot Glasses


You can’t have a fiesta without beverages and these Mexican-themed cocktails are the perfect for the occasion.

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Photo credit: Victoria Hendzel, Unsplash

Dish Ideas

Small bites are ideal for a Cinco De Mayo at home dinner party so that guests can get a little of everything without feeling so full that they can’t move. These dishes create the perfect festive atmosphere and are easy to serve.

Shrimp Guacamole Bites – Tiny bits of goodness perfect for an appetizer!

Mexican Street Corn (Elotes) Yummy Mexican-style corn on the cob.

Coconut Fish Tacos – No one has the willpower to say no to coconut fish tacos.

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Photo Credit: Drew Beamer , Unsplash


Complete the party with some tasty treats reminiscent of Mexico.

Margarita Bars – Love margaritas and sweets? Then you’ll definitely want to try these buttery and sweet lime treats.

Cactus Cookies – The cutest cactus cookies ever.

Mexican Brownies – Chocolate goodies with a kick.

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Photo Credit: Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz, Unsplash
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