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7 Tips for Flying Like a Pro This Spring Break

Are you going on a fun trip this spring break?  Are you flying there?  Flying gets a pretty bad rep for being annoying, uncomfortable, and tiring, and while I do agree with that, there are ways to make it much more bearable!  While we can’t help you avoid that screaming baby or that child kicking the back of your chair (sorry!), we can provide you with some other useful tips!  Being prepared for a flight can make your trip significantly better – a few little things can go a long way!  You’ll be flying like a pro this spring break!

7 tips for flying like a pro this spring break

  1. Take an empty water bottle and prepare a healthy snack.  You can fill your water bottle up when you get through security and taking a snack will eliminate the need to purchase expensive airport food!
  2. Have hand sanitizer or wet wipes, lotion, Chap-stick, Kleenex, face wipes, and any other essentials in an easy-to-reach location – like in the bag that will go under the chair in front of you.
  3. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off.  This makes life SO much easier when going through security.  I typically always wear boots on flights because I can take them off and put them on quickly, and it also saves room in my suitcase (boots are bulky)!
  4. While in-flight, drink lots and lots of water!  Your body gets dehydrated while flying so it is crucial that you keep yourself hydrated.  Also, drinking plenty of water will urge you to use the bathroom which encourages you to get up and walk around – it’s good to get your body moving and stretching while in-flight, especially during longer flights.
  5. If you like taking your shoes off on the plane, bring a pair of fluffy socks so that you don’t have to touch the dirty floor with bare feet.
  6. Wearing a watch is extremely useful!  Pulling out your phone all the time can get annoying, especially if your hands are full.
  7. An unusual item that I have found incredibly helpful is an adhesive wallet for smartphones.  It sticks to the back of your phone/phone case and holds any cards that you use most often!  I always have my debit/credit card and my ID in it when I’m travelling.  This eliminates the need to pull your wallet out for your ID while going through security!  Bonus: If you use a digital boarding pass on your phone, everything you need is directly on hand. Super useful!

7 tips for flying like a pro

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