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Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

You know the feeling. You’re getting settled in to go to sleep, when suddenly your neighbors start being very loud: turning up music, slamming doors, or stomping above you. Here are some polite tips for dealing with noisy neighbors:

Contact Your Neighbors Via Phone or Email – You’d be surprised at how nice most neighbors are if you let them know you can actually hear them. Most will be surprised and have no idea that they were being loud. By letting them know, they can be more conscious of it and hopefully are more quiet.

Report to Management – If talking to them nicely doesn’t do the trick, you may have to step things up and report them to management. Management will then let them know that they have to keep it down. Don’t worry, you’ll remain anonymous.

Wear Ear Plugs – Sometimes it’s not worth the hassle of talking to or reporting your neighbors if they’re louder than you’d like occasionally. For instance, if you have upstairs neighbors that get up earlier than you do for work and you can hear them walking around, there might be nothing they can do to fix that. In that case, sometimes it’s just easier to wear ear plugs at night to avoid being woken up and having tension with neighbors.

Remember that when you tour your new apartment community, be sure to check out how noisy the apartment upstairs or next door can be. Many old apartment buildings have thin walls that let in more noise. Newer apartments are constructed with noise reducing materials so noisy neighbors are less likely to be an issue.

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