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Sustainable & Healthy Pet Food

Sustainable & Healthy Pet Food

If sustainability and your pet’s health are important to you, then chances are you might have already invested in top of the line pet food. If you haven’t had time to dive into the rabbit hole of healthy pet food, we’re gathering some of the best brands to try.

Although sustainable pet food might be more expensive off the bat, it can do wonders for your pets health in the long run. Pet food standards in the past haven’t always been the highest quality, and many times you have no idea what’s really going into your pet’s food. Also, certain ingredients are cheap to add to pet food such as grains, by-products and fillers – none of which are great for your furry friend and can be detrimental to their health in the long run.

The good news is that many of these sustainable companies are completely transparent about what ingredients are going into their food. That also includes classification as to whether they are organic, free range, GMO free, etc. Let’s check out some sustainable pet food options and let us know which brands work best for your pet!

Newman’s Own Organics*

  • Organic ingredients
  • Human-grade meats
  • GMO Free


  • Complete line of certified organic food
  • Non GMO
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics


  • No artificial preservatives or colors
  • No corn or wheat
  • No by-products
  • Less processed

The Honest Kitchen

  • Human grade food
  • No by-product or fillers
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • Non GMO

Tender & True Pet

  • Certified organic
  • Humanely raised meats
  • Antibiotic free
  • Sustainable seafood




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